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A family’s sacrifice…

This Memorial Day, let us hold a special place in our hearts for not only the sacrifice that our soldiers made, but for the sacrifices that their families have made on our behalf. God Bless them all.
Loudly Yours,

The Dudley family

For most of us, Memorial weekend is the kickoff of summer. The pools open. You have your first barbecue of the summer. You get together with friends and enjoy a nice long weekend off of work. That is how I used to spend Memorial weekend. Tj would be off of work, the kids would be home and I would be off of work and we would usually have people over for a cookout and enjoy some beers. Not this year. This year it is a whole new meaning. I get it now. I understand what this weekend is for and I am almost ashamed that it took losing Tj to realize the impact of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is a day to remember those who have died serving our country.

I always knew what it was for but I guess since it never touched my life, I didn’t grasp the…

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