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Living the GOOD life!

WHAT is the good life? 

I choose to believe that the good life is what you make of it. Do you have to be filthy rich to have the good life? Only if you believe that to be true. YOU can have the good life. Right now. Right here. CHOOSE. How? You might ask…. look around you right now. Choose to know the blessings that are around you, with you right now. Be grateful for what you have, NOW.  It is in that gratefulness that new opportunities will be opened to you. As you open yourself to the gifts that are around you and appreciate their value, you will be amazed at how you will be better for it. 

I had the awesome pleasure of being in the presence of great women at my Networking Event. Our presenter, Stephanie D Burroughs, was amazing and spoke beautifully as well as powerfully. She spoke so many amazing truths, you could write a book!  Her points were key to living the good life no matter who you are or where you are. Specifically, as a business woman, she spoke of branding yourself as YOU, no matter what your business is and that is something you could take into any area of your life. Live life on purpose, deliberately!  Be the representative of YOU! This is part of living YOUR good life. 

Everyone’s good life is different. It’s ok to be happy with your life, even if it looks completely different from what everyone else thinks the good life really is.   

Here are some other nuggets from last night.

The key to the good life is to be true to who you are, living the life that has been designed specifically for you, using your gifts and talents to make a true difference in the world. No one else can live the life that is meant for you. So live on purpose and with a grateful heart. 

Loudly yours,