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Five Question Friday 7/13/12


1. What’s your view on men wearing sandals (yay or nay)?

I think men wearing sandals is fine, just without socks. 


2. What song do you love but are embarrassed to admit?

One thing by One Direction.  It’s just so catchy!  I know…just….whatever….


3. What summer camp should they make for moms? 

Spa camp with daycare.  Eat the perfect food, do the perfect exercises, have the perfect body.  Yeah…I’d go to that.


4. What is the most romantic song? (Not necessarily your favorite or your wedding song…)

When a Man Loves A Woman by Bryan Adams….I could just float away on that song……<sigh>

5. Do you have an embarrassing pregnancy story?

I played music to my babies before they were born.  Every single one of them.  I liked to have the same music playing for them when they were born if I could.  At the birth of my last baby, I had this new fangled device that held mp3s along with a speaker, kind of like a little radio. I brought that along with us when I went to the hospital.  While I was pushing her out, the music suddenly changed to this song I had never heard before. It was twangy, if you know what I mean.  (I am not a huge fan of Country music….I respect it and like some, but not all) In the middle of all my classical, Baroque music, here was this odd, “one of these things is not like the other” song.  The name of the song? Honeycomb.  “Ugh! change that awful song!” I yelled to my hubby.  So, he did.  Ah…back to my Baroque……”HONEYCOMB! WON’T YOU BE MY BABY, HONEY COMB BE MY OWWWWNNN!” “WHAT?!? You have got to be kidding me! Get that off! I don’t want to have my baby born to THAT song!” So hubby obliged, once again.  Back to Baroque…..not for long!  “OH HONEYCOMB!!!! WON’T YOU BE MY BABY, HONEY COMB BE MY OWN!!”  Get out of town? Are you serious?  “Ugh, just leave it!!!!” I said….and she was born on a sunny August morn to the Honeycomb song. It was just meant to be.  Later on, I came to find out that the song is about God’s creation of woman.  God was teasing me and letting me know He was in control and not me.  (When will I ever learn?) 🙂



Loudly yours,


Happy Memorial Day!

Things have been a buzz around here, so busy, I have hardly had 2 minutes to sit down and write my little blog.  I am taking the time this morning because I have a tiny little window of opportunity, this quiet (not for long) Sunday morning.


I have begun a new part of my life through a new business venture and that had taken up a lot of my time.  I am still happily buying gold whenever I can and managing the gold buying division, but am thinking of different ways of branding myself and my businesses.  This new business is creating such a buzz and excitement, it is contagious. Hosts that were disappointed that people were not coming are now so excited to offer their guests the opportunity to shrink their bodies and fatten up their wallets at the same time. I call it the Melt Party.  

Melt your body and your gold and silver.  Result?  Come out richer AND skinnier!  Gotta love it.  Works like a charm.  This up coming month should provide fruitful and I am excited!!


As far as Family goes, things are buzzing wildly because Tabor Idol is upon us (a fundraising concert we put on in our town)  and we are all gearing up to participate.  Well, most of us are.  The older girls are rehearsing, non stop and hubby and I are trying to decide what we should sing together.  We still can’t decide.  


I am going to sing Songbird by Fleetwood Mac and Hey You by Pink Floyd.   I just love those songs and it should turn out good.  I just have to get a band to back me up for the awesome rock interlude.  (May have to turn to a music background)  Either way, it fills the rock star yen in all of us here at the Bozza abode. 


Then there is Memorial Day!  We went to our first parade yesterday in the town over from us, where hubby grew up and it was fun!  I got to sit with an old friend and visit with some family briefly, although I missed my little smushy God-Son and that was a bummer….

Although the parade got off to a late start, I was pleased that the kids behaved very well and I got to use my new beach chair, which I am in love with.  I may buy a couple more for the boys…or have them pay for it themselves. 🙂  


Loudly yours,



Truthful Tuesday 5/8/12

I am excited, as 3 of my kids are gearing up to their opening night of Fiddler on the Roof at their school. The younger two are in the chorus, but my eldest Daughter is playing the role of Hodel, the daughter who moves to Siberia to be with the one she loves.

I am going to be in the front row with the camera and probably crying. Why?  I just love everything to do with the stage and the telling of a story.

To tell the truth, it is my opinion that there is something so magical about music and the portrayal of a story.

I have written on many occasion regarding my greatest desire to be on the Broadway Stage.  

Why, exactly? It is just to be in the spotlight?  

No, not exactly. 

I am lucky to have that honor as a Church Cantor in the Catholic Church. (I know singing at Mass is not about me, but I am highly visible, thus in the “spotlight”)

Week after week, it is my goal to offer the story of how God loves you and how He is there for us always.  It is an honor and I swear there are many times I feel as if the songs I am singing are speaking directly to my own heart.

There is just something so magical about how the telling of a story just takes you away.  It whisks you off to somewhere else, other than where you life has led you at the moment.  Not to say that you always want to be away from your current situation, but it can serve as a delicious form of distraction from any stresses or concerns, just for a little while.

When you have the right chemistry between a singer and music or an actor and their lines, it is just the right amount of energy to propel a person from where they are to where the actor or the singer wants you to be.  

THAT is what I want to be a part of on the Broadway stage.  To have the pleasure of taking people away, out of their current life, to a place the spirit can soar, united in the story.

Any good entertainer can take people away with their mic and their voice for that matter.  There is just something in the energy of their song that just takes you away.

Music is an amazing tool to unite people everywhere.  Its language is understood by all.  Just like a smile has a way to connect to one another, the same can be said for the power of music.

Take for instance, Playing for A Change.  They search countries all over the world for choice musicians and unite them in song.  Just beautiful!  I especially love their latest collaboration, done all in Mexico.  It’s amazing to watch.  I loved it.


Thru a friend on my Facebook page, I was treated to a song from Next to Normal which was performed at at Broadway Rocks, a concert held on this past May 6th.

It just amazed me how their performance transformed me to the Next to Normal Stage with no props, no backdrops, nothing but them and the musicians.  Only their voices were needed to transport me up and away into their story.  What a gift for both the performers and those who are lucky enough to listen. 


Loudly yours,



Good Friday

How do I express gratefulness to my Savior, who died on the cross to take away my sins? I do not believe there is anything so great that I could do to equate the great love shown by His sacrifice.  In the spirit of the little drummer boy, I offer this movie,  its author unknown. I first heard it sung by Mary Welch Rogers, from the Atlanta, Georgia area through my very good friend, Natalie, who used to attend church with Mary.  Natalie brought it to church about 14 years ago for me to sing it at the Living Stations of the Cross. I have been singing it every year ever since.  It is a truly moving song, that brings most to tears.  I am honored to share it every year and with you, here, today.


Number One Son

As some of you may know, I have 7 kids with my wonderful hubby.  I first gave birth to a son, Gavin Michael.  He a full of life, kid, and has more energy than most people know what to do with. Sometimes, including me.  My husband and I are very proud to say that we are parents of a Missionary, as he is in his 2nd year of NET, The National Evangelization Team, a group of young adults who minister to the youth of Middle School and High School.

Anyway, he travels all over the US, as the Music Minister for Team 9, a group of 6 girls and 5 guys.  He recently got his iPod stolen from him (for some unknown reason) and it was held ransom by his “Sisters” until he wrote a song for them. (Gavin is very talented that way, with perfect pitch and, in my opinion, a pretty good ability to write lyrics!)  Here is the song he wrote to get it back.  🙂

Loudly yours,