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So Lucky….

Today I have been pondering how lucky I am to have a job that gives me the flexibility I need to be a Mom of 7 kids, that gives me the option to build other businesses and continue to follow my desires.


For instance, singing. It is a passion for me.  I think I would die inside if I lost the gift of singing.  I am lucky to have the ability to almost drop everything and sing at a Funeral Mass or Service. I have the privilege of singing every Sunday and get paid for it, something I have and would do for free.  I love that I get to pursue my deepest desire to continue developing my voice.  


I am grateful to my hubby who puts up with my singing career and is always there to be with the kids as I am unleashed to jog my vocal chords.  Same goes with my many business ventures.  From makeup to water units, to travel, to gold to my awesome wraps,  he is there for me and the return has been good, but it could not have been without his help, that is for sure. 🙂


I still have a bug in me that wants to go forward, though.  I want to have that chance to sing on Broadway, to record a legit CD that gets onto the charts, to travel all over the world, have a home in Ecuador and at the shore…I guess that is what keeps me going, searching for the perfect situation that will get me the things I dream of.  I just got a message from an Ambassador Executive from It Works.  I read of her success and I pray to be on the receiving line, right along with her in about a year from now.  I am putting it out there, as a prayer to God that He gets his Universe in motion to have those dreams come to be.


Loudly yours,