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Starting Over…

Starting over can be a scary thing. It puts you on a level playing field with many others who
are starting over, just like you. Why would a person want to start over? The reasons can be
endless. There is one thing that I DO believe. It is NEVER too late to start.
I came across this post yesterday about famous people’s rejection letters from the site:
Mental Floss

These are rejections from SUPER famous, SUPER talented people!  Did they start over?
Sure they did! Did they crawl up in a ball in cry? Maybe, but the most important thing
they did was to get back up again and GO FORWARD! They did not allow the opinion
(albeit professional) get in the way of their vision to succeed! NOTHING stopped them.
They had a clear enough vision that they saw the clear picture and plowed on. This is the kind
of story that inspires me to keep going forward with my endeavors, with my vision, my
dream. Take heart and read the rejections letters and know that YOUR dream CAN come true.

Loudly yours,