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Twenty Wishes

Today, I am being lazy and re-blogging the latest post from My SIL, Amy.
I am, though, going to add my 20 wishes for the New Year.

1. Sing more. ( I love singing with all my heart….my real wish is to be on stage more, but I will take more singing. I love to move people through song and to allow people to feel deep emotions when listening.  If I can’t be on the radio or on Broadway, ok. I will take more singing, as long as it is in front of an audience.

2. See more of my friends. Specifically, more of my old friends. You know, the ones you always want to go see and hardly do, yeah, those friends.

3. Have more date nights.

4. Go out and do more things with the family, like day trips.

5. Travel more. Alone or with the family.

6. Get more organized and throw stuff out.

7. Hire a Professional Organizer.

8. Be more consistent with the blog

9. Buy more Gold & Silver as a buyer and personally. Just have to be patient and persistent for the price of gold to go UP!!

10. Be more present to what is happening in front of me.

11. Help others to reach their health goals through my awesome company, It Works Global.

12. Finish paying off all my Credit Card Debts.

13. Help others do the same with It Works!

14. Grow more into the leader I want to be.

15. Be more focused on what is important in life.

16. Continue on my path to better physical fitness.

17. Learn more about being efficient in the business world especially when it comes to social media.

18. Spend more alone time with God.

19. Lean more on God for support instead of trying to do it all alone.

20. Be a more loving person.

There you have it.
Happy New Year, everyone!

Loudly yours,


My Real Life

I’ve been a member of the Frugal Village website since July 2001.

I started visiting the site when I was on maternity leave with Monkey Girl and then finally joined that summer.

Over time, the site owner, Sara Noel, made me a moderator who dealt mostly with the Home Organization threads in the Forums, and even though my attendance has been spotty in the past few years, she has allowed me to maintain that status. 🙂

I spend the majority of my time at the village reading and posting in the forums, but the entire site has wonderful articles and resources for people who are looking for ways to live more simply and frugally.

One of my favorite parts of the forums is the “Challenge” section.

People post yearly challenges for all types of things.

If you can think it up, there is probably a challenge for it at the…

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