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Truthful Tuesday. May 15, 2012


I wish I had a plane that I could hop on and fly away for a day. Alone. Just to recharge my batteries.


I don’t. So I day dream about going away to places near and far.


I love my family, but sometimes I just want to go forward, free.



I am a responsible Mother and Wife and running forward, free is not one of those things you can do if you are a good Mother and Wife.  I am sure it would get really old, really fast.  It is just the idea of being free that seems amazing.  I have to think to myself, “what would being free really entail?”  I would be missing out on free kisses, free hugs, free conversations, free love from my kids and husband.  I would miss that. Truly.


I want to be a recording artist who sells recordings.  I want to be on Broadway.



I have a job and 7 kids and one wonderful Husband.  Time away from all of them right now is not much of an option.  The truth is, they need me.  I am the house Secretary, Treasurer, Organizer.  Things would not function well without me and it would be costly to try and replace me. I still record stuff, but it is out there for free and for now, I’ll take the joy of making the recordings, even if it is just on my iPad or Droid Cell Phone. 


I hate rehearsing in front of other people, unless it is my family.  I want people to see the finished product, not the yuck that comes with the stuff on the way to making it sound great. 

I love the bond that I share with those who listen to my song.  If I am singing the song properly, there is a connection between me and my listeners that is broken if sung in a wrong key or if the timing is wrong. 

I love that a song can bring people together to a different place.  I love it when I am singing at Mass and people close their eyes so their ears can hear better.  That means I am doing my job to get the message I am trying to send to them.  That God loves them and that there is hope.  I am fortunate to have the honor of being the one who gets to tell them that message.  Really honored.

And that is just the truth!

Loudly yours,


Truthful Tuesday 5/8/12

I am excited, as 3 of my kids are gearing up to their opening night of Fiddler on the Roof at their school. The younger two are in the chorus, but my eldest Daughter is playing the role of Hodel, the daughter who moves to Siberia to be with the one she loves.

I am going to be in the front row with the camera and probably crying. Why?  I just love everything to do with the stage and the telling of a story.

To tell the truth, it is my opinion that there is something so magical about music and the portrayal of a story.

I have written on many occasion regarding my greatest desire to be on the Broadway Stage.  

Why, exactly? It is just to be in the spotlight?  

No, not exactly. 

I am lucky to have that honor as a Church Cantor in the Catholic Church. (I know singing at Mass is not about me, but I am highly visible, thus in the “spotlight”)

Week after week, it is my goal to offer the story of how God loves you and how He is there for us always.  It is an honor and I swear there are many times I feel as if the songs I am singing are speaking directly to my own heart.

There is just something so magical about how the telling of a story just takes you away.  It whisks you off to somewhere else, other than where you life has led you at the moment.  Not to say that you always want to be away from your current situation, but it can serve as a delicious form of distraction from any stresses or concerns, just for a little while.

When you have the right chemistry between a singer and music or an actor and their lines, it is just the right amount of energy to propel a person from where they are to where the actor or the singer wants you to be.  

THAT is what I want to be a part of on the Broadway stage.  To have the pleasure of taking people away, out of their current life, to a place the spirit can soar, united in the story.

Any good entertainer can take people away with their mic and their voice for that matter.  There is just something in the energy of their song that just takes you away.

Music is an amazing tool to unite people everywhere.  Its language is understood by all.  Just like a smile has a way to connect to one another, the same can be said for the power of music.

Take for instance, Playing for A Change.  They search countries all over the world for choice musicians and unite them in song.  Just beautiful!  I especially love their latest collaboration, done all in Mexico.  It’s amazing to watch.  I loved it.


Thru a friend on my Facebook page, I was treated to a song from Next to Normal which was performed at at Broadway Rocks, a concert held on this past May 6th.

It just amazed me how their performance transformed me to the Next to Normal Stage with no props, no backdrops, nothing but them and the musicians.  Only their voices were needed to transport me up and away into their story.  What a gift for both the performers and those who are lucky enough to listen. 


Loudly yours,



Truthful Tuesday 4/10/12

“You are my Sport Boy!” I exclaimed to my youngest Son, yesterday on the stairs.  “What’s the big deal?” exclaimed my soon to be 16 yr old Son.  “It is a big deal because your Dad and I are not “sports” and most of you kids are what Dad and I are, “music people”! ”  


I am not a fan of labeling children, but in a household FULL of music, a sports oriented kid is very different for our brood.  Every single day, there is some kind of music performed in our house.  (We even have lovely neighbors who ask when the next “concert” is going to be, as they enjoy the music flowing freely into the street through the boy’s bedroom windows.)


In the past,  we have encouraged the kids to try sports of many different kinds, but for the most part, they played and retreated back to their strong suits; music.  


I must admit, since it is Truthful Tuesday, that I have indulged in excluding the hectic schedules that sports bring by not pushing the kids to pursue sports for many years…..BUT my youngest Son has the energy, the ability and the potential to do well and I am going to encourage him from time to time by calling him my “sport boy”. (Not that I am boxing him in that category, have no fear.  He is my best singer in the Cherubs choir, mind you!)

I know labeling is not the typical way to “mother” but it is just my way of encouraging and making him feel special.  Music is foremost in my house, automatically encouraged and something I can be an example for.  Besides running and kettle bells, there is not much I personally do to be a sport example. (I leave that to my Dad and my Sisters) 


Now that most of my 7 kids are grown, I have the ability to get away to his games and focus on the process of learning and nurturing the sport.  I don’t have to worry as much about several younger kids running around and what to do with them while the game is going on.  I can take the time to learn how the game is played and spend time with my youngest Son.  I am happy to oblige and encourage him in his love of baseball.  


I must admit, in an attempt to even it out, I also have a “sport girl” in the house.  My baby girl.  I will encourage her, too and learn the sport for her as well.  It will be a fun journey for all of us, musics and sports alike.


Loudly yours,






Good Friday

How do I express gratefulness to my Savior, who died on the cross to take away my sins? I do not believe there is anything so great that I could do to equate the great love shown by His sacrifice.  In the spirit of the little drummer boy, I offer this movie,  its author unknown. I first heard it sung by Mary Welch Rogers, from the Atlanta, Georgia area through my very good friend, Natalie, who used to attend church with Mary.  Natalie brought it to church about 14 years ago for me to sing it at the Living Stations of the Cross. I have been singing it every year ever since.  It is a truly moving song, that brings most to tears.  I am honored to share it every year and with you, here, today.


Truthful Tuesday

I have a strong desire to be a recording artist and sing on Broadway…most anyone who knows that will tell you. I don’t want to be crazy famous enough to have cameras follow me everywhere, but have enough of a following that I could make a good amount of money and not worry about it for the rest of my life. Now that does not mean I would stop working…if you knew me, you would know that too. I love to work….I usually have a job a love with a passion and although I do love my family to pieces, work comes a quick second after them. That is up for debate by some of my family members, but, oh well. Maybe another post subject.

I am, though realistic, that perhaps, God has different plans for me and that my current position of singing every Sunday at a precious little Church in the woods and Funerals as well as at Weddings is what I am destined to do for the rest of my life. Perhaps…..

Anyway, I do relish my children’s musical abilities. Are they virtuosos? No. Musical genius’? Perhaps. Only time will tell on that one. They all have a strong enough desire, that most of them have taught themselves how to play their instruments of choice and some are working on theirs. Some have help from school, others not, but either way, it is enough to have the house always filled with music (with help from my flock of parakeets!)

For instance, here is an idea of the passion imbued in them:

Write a letter to your favorite musician. Explain to that musician what you enjoy about his or her music.

Dear Adele,

You are my favorite singer of all; sometimes I cannot stop listening to your music! It is meaningful and heartwarming. It talks about normal life situations and how to get over them. Some of my favorite songs are “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone like you” and “Set Fire to the Rain”. They talk about love and breakups which I like to sing about. I am a very good singer myself, and would like to follow in your footsteps and write hit songs. Your songs are fun to sing or hum to when they come on the radio. I also like the mashup of the songs “Someone like you” and “Rumor has it”, which you both wrote. Two of your amazing songs combined make this one even more amazing! Your music inspires me and if I ever met you in person I might just faint. Keep up the good work, write more songs, and become the most famous singer in the whole entire world! I hope one day I’ll be famous just like you.

One of your biggest fans,

Rachael Bozza

I have it in my right mind to send it off the Adele and hope that she answers. It would tickle my Daughter pink…as well as her Mom.

Loudly yours,


Saying Goodbye to what feels like a friend….

It was a sunny day, at Ravello’s in East Hanover as one of my Bride’s was about to be wed.  She chose a special song for me to sing and I was nervous.  The song?     One Moment in Time.     Not….an easy song to sing.  It was a challenge for me and I wanted it to come out perfect.  I arrived early and made sure the sound guy had everything right and it pretty much went off without a hitch.  Mission accomplished.

Whitney …Whitney… Whitney…  I have to say that her music has been meaningful to my life in so many ways.  Take for instance, her album “Whitney.”


That was my  College Soundtrack.  It just about sums it up in so many different ways.  I was just discovering that I could stand on my own two feet, but was still lamenting lost loves (Didn’t we almost have it all).   Wondering if I would find the right guy (How will I know?) I could go on and on…

Through her music, I finally realized I had a good singing voice. How?  By playing that album over and over to find I could keep up with most of the notes she sang.  If figured if I could imitate them, then I had to conclude that I HAD to have a good voice and it gave me the courage to step out and sing.  Thank you,  Whitney.  Now I know any singer could have done that for me, but in my case, it was Whitney.

You see, in High School, I auditioned for a play and did not even make the chorus, so I figured I was not as good as I thought I was and I just SAT. I did not want to go through that humiliation again, but her music gave me the courage to try again and today, I sing on a professional level.

As  I am just now listening to the Whitney Channel on Pandora, another song pops up:  “When You Believe”, from the Sound Track of The Prince of Egypt.  It was the theme song for my Mary Kay Director Debut and for my Unit.  It was another special time in my life, as I was coming into  a professional success, one which I was very proud to reach at that time in my life.  I spent a lot of time and money planning my debut and even got my Catholic Church Choir to sing in Hebrew!!!  ( I cannot tell you how many people assumed I was Jewish for years after that)  My Son, Gavin, sang the part of the little boy from the movie at the beginning of the song, I sang the lead and the choir sang the part of the Jewish tribe in the song.  It was awesome and exactly what I imagined.  I chose the song especially since my journey to Directorship was not easy and took me longer than I thought I should, similar to the Jews taking longer than they thought to reach the Promised Land.  It was perfect.

Later on that same year,   it was the Whitney/ Mariah version of the song that Gavin sang when he made his debut on the Victoria Theater Stage at The Prudential Center….such special, special times.  I was so proud at both events and… Whitney’s music was there, wrapping it all up and making it complete. Thank you, Whitney.

I truly wish I had pictures of Gavin’s debut, but there were no cameras allowed, thus, no pictures, just memories.  All we have left of Whitney, too.  Farewell, songstress fair.

Loudly yours,