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Children’s Day Unraveled Part 1

Children’s Day Unraveld Part 1

As some of you may or may not know, I live in a very different kind of town. I really can’t say it is the only one of its kind (since it has a sister town in Ocean Grove, NJ) but it certainly is different than any other town I have ever heard of or lived in for that matter. Over the next few blog posts, I am going to share some of my insights of what goes on in our little town.

Some might say that our town kind of revolves around Children’s Day. Planning is almost year round. Well, February – August, anyway.

The planning meetings start in February, then there are fund raisers, including a yummy Pancake in Breakfast in March, Bake Sale in April, Tabor Idol in June, Pizza Slide Show in July and the main event in August.

It involves many of our loyal Tabor Neighbors to get it all done!!

One of my favorite is Tabor Idol because it showcases the talent in this little town! We have so much fun putting on the show.

Today is the first day of the festivities. We have rehearsal for the Children’s Day Worship Service (which I have been running for the past 8 years), then the Howard Bell Run, a killer of a 5k in town. I will be running in the race for my 2nd time. There are 2 killer hills, but I have been training for them and I should be fine. 🙂
Here is the route:

The killer spots are right before Reservoir Park and at the far end of the page, up Woodland. I will be praying for low humidity and people out with sprinklers!

Loudly yours,