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Mr Wonderful

Of the 3 things I am grateful for today, one big one is Mr. Wonderful, my hubby. I  am able to honor him in a contest today, so here goes.

Mr. Wonderful and I have 7 children.  Our family has the benefit of having very hands on Daddy who cooks, cleans up, does the main grocery shopping every week, takes the time to hang out with the boys watching movies as well as pay attention to the

girls and their interests.  Attends their school dances with me, goes to their night time events, takes lots of pictures of the family, all the time.  Works a steady job with he enjoys, is easy going, has a great voice, and is very intelligent.   What more can you ask of a Mr. Wonderful? He is my Mr. Wonderful and I love him. 🙂

Real quick:

I am grateful for new friends (I made some last night at a party I attended to benefit my friend Rachel)


I am also grateful for new business connections!!  Made a nice one last night that I think will be great for both of us!


Loudly yours,