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Gratitude Journals #10 and #11

Today I am grateful for God’s little messages to me in my life. 


I have been going for a pretty big goal in my business. I’m pushing hard for it making it a focus on my life lately… but I just seem kind of stuck. Well, this morning while I was dropping off my kids at the bus today, I got a little message with a big meaning.  As the kids were getting out of the car, my son who always love to be first, shoved his sister to get in line to be first on the bus. The bus driver witnessed this and did not open the bus door leaving him out in the cold for a little longer than he is usually used to. She wanted to make a point that he was not making the right decision by shoving to get on the bus first without thinking of others before him. As soon as it happened I knew that there was some kind of message for me, but it took awhile for me to understand. 


Later that morning, with the help of one of my leaders, I was able to decipher the message.The tugging at my heart was God trying to tell me not to be so quick to be first when it come to building g my business. That rushing to get to my goal was not most important and that just like my Son, I was going to be made to wait until I focused on others first. It made me stop and really think. My Mentor also guided me into understanding that I was making an idol of my goal and that I wanted it so badly that it would not come. I had to let go. Let others ahead of me. Be patient. 

Be patient.  Not. easy. 

I am a Red/ Blue personality and I have very little tolerance for waiting. Anyone who knows me, knows I am usually chomping at the bit to get to whatever goal there is. Even if it is to church on time. 

So, what I am grateful for this 10th day of the Gratitude Journal?

God’s Messages

My Business Leader

The Ability to hear the message and understand.



DAY 11

Today, I am grateful for my cleaning help…some might say staff. They are the wonderful women who help me keep a handle on my home. One lady comes twice a month and the other, every day for about a little more than an hour to help me with light cleaning./straightening and laundry. I am so grateful for their help and I could not do it without them. I look forward to my business building up enough to have them around more often! 🙂



I am also grateful for extended family.  I have a cousin in town visiting that I have not seen in person in a long time and I am excited to see her!  I love having visits with family who I don’t normally see. It is so much fun for me.  She will be married soon and I am excited to hear about her future plans. 

Lastly, I am grateful for Community Leaders, specifically those popping up on the Barrier Islands of NJ. It is so great to see the people who can and are willing to take charge and take matters into their hands. One of them is a 26 year old, who makes it happen for the people of Ortley Beach, NJ. It is so great to have someone so enthusiastic and willing to make a change.


Check out the video here:



Loudly yours,


Gratitude Journal Day 4

Today, I am grateful for my Cousin, Irene, who introduced me to my business. It has been so much fun working with her and seeing her on a regular basis. I have always been close to her, but being on her team and working together has been an entirely different experience, all for the good. WEDDING PARTY2012-11-30_1023


IMG_0007me and Irene


I am grateful today for Catholic Schools. My kids are getting a well rounded education with a Catholic flavor that I love, I love it when my kids come home singing church hymns and when they want to audition for the talent show using those songs. So sweet!!


Lastly, I am grateful for my baby birds. Yes, they are noisy, but they have been  fun companions and have taught my kids to love animals and to take care of them.2012-11-30_1036

So Lucky….

Today I have been pondering how lucky I am to have a job that gives me the flexibility I need to be a Mom of 7 kids, that gives me the option to build other businesses and continue to follow my desires.


For instance, singing. It is a passion for me.  I think I would die inside if I lost the gift of singing.  I am lucky to have the ability to almost drop everything and sing at a Funeral Mass or Service. I have the privilege of singing every Sunday and get paid for it, something I have and would do for free.  I love that I get to pursue my deepest desire to continue developing my voice.  


I am grateful to my hubby who puts up with my singing career and is always there to be with the kids as I am unleashed to jog my vocal chords.  Same goes with my many business ventures.  From makeup to water units, to travel, to gold to my awesome wraps,  he is there for me and the return has been good, but it could not have been without his help, that is for sure. 🙂


I still have a bug in me that wants to go forward, though.  I want to have that chance to sing on Broadway, to record a legit CD that gets onto the charts, to travel all over the world, have a home in Ecuador and at the shore…I guess that is what keeps me going, searching for the perfect situation that will get me the things I dream of.  I just got a message from an Ambassador Executive from It Works.  I read of her success and I pray to be on the receiving line, right along with her in about a year from now.  I am putting it out there, as a prayer to God that He gets his Universe in motion to have those dreams come to be.


Loudly yours,



It Works! It really works!


 I want to share something that has changed my life for the better.

My Cousin Irene,  posted back in May, the following message on Facebook:


Of course when I saw this post, I instantly messaged her!

“What the heck did you or are you doing?!?”

Her answer is was: “I went to my friend’s house and she
applied a wrap to my abdomen. It smells like eucalyptus
and give you a warm/cool sensation. You keep it on for
45 min to an hour. There is a lotion that is absorbed into
your body that works to detoxify you. You will get your
max results in 72 hours but you must drink half your body
weight in water ozs each day to flush the toxins.
The results last 4-6 months depending on how you eat and
exercise. There are also a bunch of other products as well.
I like it so far. I may become a distributor.”

I could hardly believe what I was reading!  I HAD to try it!

After having 7 children, I was far from in love with my belly and always wanted to have it fixed, but was afraid of the surgery and did not want to incur the costs involved.

As soon as Irene got a wrap in her hands, she hurried over and let me try it. 

I got that baby on my body in no time flat! We pre-measured, took pictures and slapped that wrap on me!  We waited for 45 minutes, looked at some of the other products and “ding!” the time was up!  I was so excited as I un-wrapped!!  The measurements were not as stellar as I thought they would be, but I did lose a 1/2 inch.  I was bummed at first, but as the day passed, I did see a bigger difference!  I kept my promise to drink half mybody weight (in oz) of water and try to keep my diet as clean as possible…and wah laa!  

5 inches lost in 3 sections across my belly!

I was hooked and joined as a distributor.  In the days since I have joined,I have been more and more encouraged by the results I am seeing personally and by my clients. The ingredients are all natural and leading edge in theircombination.  I am happy to be representing this company alongside my Gold and Silver Buying Business.


As a thank you, if you choose to share this wonderful product with 4 of your friends, you may wrap for free!  If you rather wrap alone, you may for only $30! 

It has been and continues to be a great source of hope for women and men as they are given a new start.


For more information, please check out my company website at:




I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Alicia Bozza

VP Gold Buying Division

Executive, It Works Global

Happy Memorial Day!

Things have been a buzz around here, so busy, I have hardly had 2 minutes to sit down and write my little blog.  I am taking the time this morning because I have a tiny little window of opportunity, this quiet (not for long) Sunday morning.


I have begun a new part of my life through a new business venture and that had taken up a lot of my time.  I am still happily buying gold whenever I can and managing the gold buying division, but am thinking of different ways of branding myself and my businesses.  This new business is creating such a buzz and excitement, it is contagious. Hosts that were disappointed that people were not coming are now so excited to offer their guests the opportunity to shrink their bodies and fatten up their wallets at the same time. I call it the Melt Party.  

Melt your body and your gold and silver.  Result?  Come out richer AND skinnier!  Gotta love it.  Works like a charm.  This up coming month should provide fruitful and I am excited!!


As far as Family goes, things are buzzing wildly because Tabor Idol is upon us (a fundraising concert we put on in our town)  and we are all gearing up to participate.  Well, most of us are.  The older girls are rehearsing, non stop and hubby and I are trying to decide what we should sing together.  We still can’t decide.  


I am going to sing Songbird by Fleetwood Mac and Hey You by Pink Floyd.   I just love those songs and it should turn out good.  I just have to get a band to back me up for the awesome rock interlude.  (May have to turn to a music background)  Either way, it fills the rock star yen in all of us here at the Bozza abode. 


Then there is Memorial Day!  We went to our first parade yesterday in the town over from us, where hubby grew up and it was fun!  I got to sit with an old friend and visit with some family briefly, although I missed my little smushy God-Son and that was a bummer….

Although the parade got off to a late start, I was pleased that the kids behaved very well and I got to use my new beach chair, which I am in love with.  I may buy a couple more for the boys…or have them pay for it themselves. 🙂  


Loudly yours,