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Number One Son

As some of you may know, I have 7 kids with my wonderful hubby.  I first gave birth to a son, Gavin Michael.  He a full of life, kid, and has more energy than most people know what to do with. Sometimes, including me.  My husband and I are very proud to say that we are parents of a Missionary, as he is in his 2nd year of NET, The National Evangelization Team, a group of young adults who minister to the youth of Middle School and High School.

Anyway, he travels all over the US, as the Music Minister for Team 9, a group of 6 girls and 5 guys.  He recently got his iPod stolen from him (for some unknown reason) and it was held ransom by his “Sisters” until he wrote a song for them. (Gavin is very talented that way, with perfect pitch and, in my opinion, a pretty good ability to write lyrics!)  Here is the song he wrote to get it back.  🙂

Loudly yours,


Saying Goodbye to what feels like a friend….

It was a sunny day, at Ravello’s in East Hanover as one of my Bride’s was about to be wed.  She chose a special song for me to sing and I was nervous.  The song?     One Moment in Time.     Not….an easy song to sing.  It was a challenge for me and I wanted it to come out perfect.  I arrived early and made sure the sound guy had everything right and it pretty much went off without a hitch.  Mission accomplished.

Whitney …Whitney… Whitney…  I have to say that her music has been meaningful to my life in so many ways.  Take for instance, her album “Whitney.”


That was my  College Soundtrack.  It just about sums it up in so many different ways.  I was just discovering that I could stand on my own two feet, but was still lamenting lost loves (Didn’t we almost have it all).   Wondering if I would find the right guy (How will I know?) I could go on and on…

Through her music, I finally realized I had a good singing voice. How?  By playing that album over and over to find I could keep up with most of the notes she sang.  If figured if I could imitate them, then I had to conclude that I HAD to have a good voice and it gave me the courage to step out and sing.  Thank you,  Whitney.  Now I know any singer could have done that for me, but in my case, it was Whitney.

You see, in High School, I auditioned for a play and did not even make the chorus, so I figured I was not as good as I thought I was and I just SAT. I did not want to go through that humiliation again, but her music gave me the courage to try again and today, I sing on a professional level.

As  I am just now listening to the Whitney Channel on Pandora, another song pops up:  “When You Believe”, from the Sound Track of The Prince of Egypt.  It was the theme song for my Mary Kay Director Debut and for my Unit.  It was another special time in my life, as I was coming into  a professional success, one which I was very proud to reach at that time in my life.  I spent a lot of time and money planning my debut and even got my Catholic Church Choir to sing in Hebrew!!!  ( I cannot tell you how many people assumed I was Jewish for years after that)  My Son, Gavin, sang the part of the little boy from the movie at the beginning of the song, I sang the lead and the choir sang the part of the Jewish tribe in the song.  It was awesome and exactly what I imagined.  I chose the song especially since my journey to Directorship was not easy and took me longer than I thought I should, similar to the Jews taking longer than they thought to reach the Promised Land.  It was perfect.

Later on that same year,   it was the Whitney/ Mariah version of the song that Gavin sang when he made his debut on the Victoria Theater Stage at The Prudential Center….such special, special times.  I was so proud at both events and… Whitney’s music was there, wrapping it all up and making it complete. Thank you, Whitney.

I truly wish I had pictures of Gavin’s debut, but there were no cameras allowed, thus, no pictures, just memories.  All we have left of Whitney, too.  Farewell, songstress fair.

Loudly yours,