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3 things to be grateful for 6/18/12

3 things for which I am grateful today are:

Like minds coming together towards a goal.
This weekend, we had our 3rd bi annual Tabor Idol.
It was so much fun. It is a forum which the neighbors of Mt Tabor come together and share their various talents together on one stage to benefit our annual Children’s Day, a festival of sort, celebrating the Children of Mt Tabor. It used to be the time when the people who resided here for the summer would pack up and go home. (our town was the summer “mountain” resort for the Methodist Church; those desiring a beach environment would go to the Sister town, Ocean Grove.)
I got the chance to sing a couple of songs and had so much fun singing them. Songbird was a song I got the chance to refamiliarize myself with through Glee, but which I sang since I loved Fleetwood Mac growing up as a teen. It was fun dedicating the song to my BGF, Anina, who I always want to be happy. 🙂 Hey You was my tribute to Pink Floyd, whose music I do love, even though it is kind of depressing. That song was one of the more singable song for me to sing and it was fun performing with BBT! My eldest girls got to sing as well and I was very proud of them!! Such fun. The after party was a blast and very loud. I am sure our neighbors were not thrilled since we were up until after 12. Thankfully, no police calls were made. It was an amazing night.

Fathers who make a difference.
My Dad is a great guy and I am lucky enough to say that my Father-in-law is, too. Our family is so lucky to have such great family cornerstones. They are both devout in their faith and have brought up great kids. I can write forever about their virtues, but I will not go on and on. Suffice to say, that through their examples, they have modeled what it is to be a great Dad and I am lucky enough to be married to a great Dad as well! Very lucky…

Adversity & direction

If we never had adversity, we would never have a reason to appreciate the good times in life. I just heard something similar on the Christian radio station local to us. It made a lot of sense to me and it might sound funny to be grateful for it, but when you are lucky enough to have some direction out of that adversity, it is something for which one can be grateful.

Loudly yours,

Happy Memorial Day!

Things have been a buzz around here, so busy, I have hardly had 2 minutes to sit down and write my little blog.  I am taking the time this morning because I have a tiny little window of opportunity, this quiet (not for long) Sunday morning.


I have begun a new part of my life through a new business venture and that had taken up a lot of my time.  I am still happily buying gold whenever I can and managing the gold buying division, but am thinking of different ways of branding myself and my businesses.  This new business is creating such a buzz and excitement, it is contagious. Hosts that were disappointed that people were not coming are now so excited to offer their guests the opportunity to shrink their bodies and fatten up their wallets at the same time. I call it the Melt Party.  

Melt your body and your gold and silver.  Result?  Come out richer AND skinnier!  Gotta love it.  Works like a charm.  This up coming month should provide fruitful and I am excited!!


As far as Family goes, things are buzzing wildly because Tabor Idol is upon us (a fundraising concert we put on in our town)  and we are all gearing up to participate.  Well, most of us are.  The older girls are rehearsing, non stop and hubby and I are trying to decide what we should sing together.  We still can’t decide.  


I am going to sing Songbird by Fleetwood Mac and Hey You by Pink Floyd.   I just love those songs and it should turn out good.  I just have to get a band to back me up for the awesome rock interlude.  (May have to turn to a music background)  Either way, it fills the rock star yen in all of us here at the Bozza abode. 


Then there is Memorial Day!  We went to our first parade yesterday in the town over from us, where hubby grew up and it was fun!  I got to sit with an old friend and visit with some family briefly, although I missed my little smushy God-Son and that was a bummer….

Although the parade got off to a late start, I was pleased that the kids behaved very well and I got to use my new beach chair, which I am in love with.  I may buy a couple more for the boys…or have them pay for it themselves. 🙂  


Loudly yours,