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Date night at the shooting range

Last night my good friend held a fund raiser for her cause, as she is supporting the fight against Lymphoma.  In about a week, she will be running a half marathon in Long Branch, NJ, coinciding with her fund raising efforts.  One of the ways she chose to raise funds was through the range her husband and his partners own.  When my friend chose to have the fund raiser, I thought it might be a good date night for hubby and me while helping my friend along.

is a new, State of the art firearms training facility catering to civilian, law enforcement and military personnel located in Randolph, NJ. It is RTSP’s mission to train people to safely own and enjoy firearms for hunting, sporting and defensive purposes.  Through training and education, firearm skills promotes discipline, responsibility and the ability to defend oneself and family.

I have to admit, at first I was reluctant to try and I let my husband go first.  I felt so awkward putting my hands on the gun and it took a bunch of tries to get comfortable wrapping my hands around it properly.  Putting the bullets in the magazine was a little bit of a struggle, but by the end of the rounds, it came a lot more natural to fill the magazine,load it, pull the slide, wrap my hands around it and be ready to go!

On my 2nd turn of 5 bullets, I took 3 shots, practically in the same spot.  “We have a shooter!!” exclaimed my gun safety officer.  I have to admit, I did feel a sense of pride, being able to shoot the gun with some rookie success.  I definitely want to go again very soon.


Loudly yours,