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Gratitude Journal, Day 12

Today I am grateful for my children.  They can be underfoot sometimes. but I know deep down, that they are my greatest teacher, problem is, I am not the greatest student. I guess I frustrate the kids as much as they do me at times!  I am very proud of them and I do enjoy watching them grow. Life is never dull with them around, that is for sure!  IMGP0598

Today I am grateful for my friends in my sweet little town.  We have such a good rapport with each other and when we get together, we always have a great time.  We even plan day trips together.  We don’t always all get to go, but we always have fun. Tabor Femme friends

Lastly, I am grateful for my Community as a whole.  We are a happy, vibrant group, all different and one big melting pot of neighbors doing our best to come together. Children's Day unraveled Pt 2 IMGP4294 IMGP4372 IMGP4205 Children's Day unraveled Pt 2