Divine Intervention….

ASIDE: This is post meant for my It Works team, but I wanted to share this with you, since anyone can relate. Please feel free to click on the links below to listen in. NO, this is not a recruiting tactic. It’s just good info for anyone about self sabotage.


So excited to share this call with you. Why? I want to share this call with you because I feel it is something I was LED to. I was looking for a topic to share with you and I felt led to the closet. Something just told me to go straight. Well, looking in my closet, it was cluttered enough that you didn’t initially even see anything, but I stepped forward in faith to look. Aha! There were 2 books there. I picked up the first one, and it looked good, but then beneath it, there was a 2nd book. I opened to the 3rd chapter and just knew that was the material I would use.  In faith, I read the chapter and was happy to share  some good info with you. What happened next was so wonderful.  As I was scrolling through my newsfeed, this came up:Image

Wow! I love confirmation that I am going in the right direction, don’t you?

THEN…this morning, in my bible study, I found THIS!!

Getting What You Don’t Deserve

The vast majority of people allow God to help them only when they think they deserve it. At one time in my life I was that way. For years I allowed God to help me only when I thought I had earned it, when I thought I had done enough good deeds to deserve His help.

That kind of thinking doesn’t produce an attitude of gratitude and thanksgiving. If we think we deserve what we receive, then it is no longer a gift but a reward or “payment for services rendered.” The difference between receiving what we do not deserve and receiving what we do deserve is the difference between grace and works.

I encourage you to open your heart and allow God’s grace to come into your life to help you in your everyday walk. Always remember that when you feel frustrated, it is because you are living by your own effort and need to get back into God’s grace by allowing Him to work through you.

Learn to let God do you a favor. Give up trying to deserve God’s help, and let Him supply your every need.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I realize the foolishness of only accepting Your help when I feel like I deserve it. I give up on my own works and receive Your grace. Thank You for helping me in every situation, even when I don’t deserve it.

It was also fun to know that the book I read from was only $4 with shipping on Amazon!  What does that say to me? Book club time! Let’s all get the book and discuss. I think it will be good for all of us!  No worries. If you don’t get yours in time, I will read it to you each week and we will discuss every Sunday Night, if possible. I am truly excited!


Here is the link for the call:


Here is the link for the book: (GET IT!!)


Our Trip to Passaic County Technical Institute

Passaic County Technical Institute


This week, my Daughter and I went on a tour of PCTI to see if she would like to go to High School here. The School is amazing. It is a secure campus, set up on a mountain top in Wayne, NJ and it boasts its own Athletic Center, complete with indoor pool, a zip line and obstacle course, athletics, galore!  It’s own restaurant, bank, printing shop, you name it! 


Here, we are at the TV station by the green screen, interview set, control room….



 The most interesting thing to Rachael was the School of Communication and the art rooms.



Of course, I liked the Johnny Depp drawing! 


The school was like a city!

It took us about 2 hours to tour the school.
I was most impressed with the Criminal Justice room with the NJROTC and its Commanding Officer, who happened to be in the class I was visiting. She was an outstanding individual who is in charge of 300 students, along with Retired Naval Officers who guide them all. She just wanted to make me stand up and cheer (and sign all my kids up for the ROTC!!)
It was very impressive to see such a dedicated young woman with a passion for Leadership.

The classrooms were all busy and bustling, filled with each school’s individual blend of tools needed for each concentration. You can see the hard work and dedication of each classroom and the energy that filled the halls of the institute. I look forward to hearing from admissions that she will officially a part of the Class of 2017!  
Loudly yours,

Twenty Wishes

Today, I am being lazy and re-blogging the latest post from My SIL, Amy.
I am, though, going to add my 20 wishes for the New Year.

1. Sing more. ( I love singing with all my heart….my real wish is to be on stage more, but I will take more singing. I love to move people through song and to allow people to feel deep emotions when listening.  If I can’t be on the radio or on Broadway, ok. I will take more singing, as long as it is in front of an audience.

2. See more of my friends. Specifically, more of my old friends. You know, the ones you always want to go see and hardly do, yeah, those friends.

3. Have more date nights.

4. Go out and do more things with the family, like day trips.

5. Travel more. Alone or with the family.

6. Get more organized and throw stuff out.

7. Hire a Professional Organizer.

8. Be more consistent with the blog

9. Buy more Gold & Silver as a buyer and personally. Just have to be patient and persistent for the price of gold to go UP!!

10. Be more present to what is happening in front of me.

11. Help others to reach their health goals through my awesome company, It Works Global.

12. Finish paying off all my Credit Card Debts.

13. Help others do the same with It Works!

14. Grow more into the leader I want to be.

15. Be more focused on what is important in life.

16. Continue on my path to better physical fitness.

17. Learn more about being efficient in the business world especially when it comes to social media.

18. Spend more alone time with God.

19. Lean more on God for support instead of trying to do it all alone.

20. Be a more loving person.

There you have it.
Happy New Year, everyone!

Loudly yours,


My Real Life

I’ve been a member of the Frugal Village website since July 2001.

I started visiting the site when I was on maternity leave with Monkey Girl and then finally joined that summer.

Over time, the site owner, Sara Noel, made me a moderator who dealt mostly with the Home Organization threads in the Forums, and even though my attendance has been spotty in the past few years, she has allowed me to maintain that status. 🙂

I spend the majority of my time at the village reading and posting in the forums, but the entire site has wonderful articles and resources for people who are looking for ways to live more simply and frugally.

One of my favorite parts of the forums is the “Challenge” section.

People post yearly challenges for all types of things.

If you can think it up, there is probably a challenge for it at the…

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Gratitude Journal, Days 13,14,15

Hmmmmm.. 9 things to be grateful for. That seems like a lot, but after watching the video at the end of this entry, 9 things to be grateful for is nothing.

1. I am grateful for my home. Is is warm and safe and dry.

2. I am grateful for my bed. It is where I rest in the evenings and dream great dreams. It is like sleeping on a cloud and I love it!

3. I am grateful that I have exercise equipment right in my bedroom that I get to use before I jump in the shower.  I love the time saved there!

4. I am grateful for my working van that gets me where I need to go. I did not have the van working during the storm and I was without it for about a week and it near killed me!!

5. I am grateful for my leader, Kim, who is doing such a great job as our Double Diamond! She is joy and a great teacher.

6. I am grateful for my music minister, Jim, who is soooo talented and giving. He is a treasure!

7.  I am grateful for my connections in the surrounding communities, especially Hurricane Sandy, Helping Hands, started through my good friend, Majella LoBello.  She has done some amazing work!!

8. I am grateful for the clergy in my life and their role in growing my life of faith. I can be a tricky student and they are doing all they can to guide my faith walk and I appreciate it.

9. I am grateful for my health. It goes without saying that health is one of the most important things to have in life and I am grateful that I am healthy as well as my family, thanks be to God.

Loudly yours,



Gratitude Journal, Day 12

Today I am grateful for my children.  They can be underfoot sometimes. but I know deep down, that they are my greatest teacher, problem is, I am not the greatest student. I guess I frustrate the kids as much as they do me at times!  I am very proud of them and I do enjoy watching them grow. Life is never dull with them around, that is for sure!  IMGP0598

Today I am grateful for my friends in my sweet little town.  We have such a good rapport with each other and when we get together, we always have a great time.  We even plan day trips together.  We don’t always all get to go, but we always have fun. Tabor Femme friends

Lastly, I am grateful for my Community as a whole.  We are a happy, vibrant group, all different and one big melting pot of neighbors doing our best to come together. Children's Day unraveled Pt 2 IMGP4294 IMGP4372 IMGP4205 Children's Day unraveled Pt 2

Gratitude Journals #10 and #11

Today I am grateful for God’s little messages to me in my life. 


I have been going for a pretty big goal in my business. I’m pushing hard for it making it a focus on my life lately… but I just seem kind of stuck. Well, this morning while I was dropping off my kids at the bus today, I got a little message with a big meaning.  As the kids were getting out of the car, my son who always love to be first, shoved his sister to get in line to be first on the bus. The bus driver witnessed this and did not open the bus door leaving him out in the cold for a little longer than he is usually used to. She wanted to make a point that he was not making the right decision by shoving to get on the bus first without thinking of others before him. As soon as it happened I knew that there was some kind of message for me, but it took awhile for me to understand. 


Later that morning, with the help of one of my leaders, I was able to decipher the message.The tugging at my heart was God trying to tell me not to be so quick to be first when it come to building g my business. That rushing to get to my goal was not most important and that just like my Son, I was going to be made to wait until I focused on others first. It made me stop and really think. My Mentor also guided me into understanding that I was making an idol of my goal and that I wanted it so badly that it would not come. I had to let go. Let others ahead of me. Be patient. 

Be patient.  Not. easy. 

I am a Red/ Blue personality and I have very little tolerance for waiting. Anyone who knows me, knows I am usually chomping at the bit to get to whatever goal there is. Even if it is to church on time. 

So, what I am grateful for this 10th day of the Gratitude Journal?

God’s Messages

My Business Leader

The Ability to hear the message and understand.



DAY 11

Today, I am grateful for my cleaning help…some might say staff. They are the wonderful women who help me keep a handle on my home. One lady comes twice a month and the other, every day for about a little more than an hour to help me with light cleaning./straightening and laundry. I am so grateful for their help and I could not do it without them. I look forward to my business building up enough to have them around more often! 🙂



I am also grateful for extended family.  I have a cousin in town visiting that I have not seen in person in a long time and I am excited to see her!  I love having visits with family who I don’t normally see. It is so much fun for me.  She will be married soon and I am excited to hear about her future plans. 

Lastly, I am grateful for Community Leaders, specifically those popping up on the Barrier Islands of NJ. It is so great to see the people who can and are willing to take charge and take matters into their hands. One of them is a 26 year old, who makes it happen for the people of Ortley Beach, NJ. It is so great to have someone so enthusiastic and willing to make a change.


Check out the video here:



Loudly yours,


Gratitude Journal Day 9

Today, I am grateful for Administrative Staff and those who answer the phone.  They are the ones, who usually have more patience than others and are there to answer questions. They are the guardians of their offices and the behind the scenes people who make things work.

I am also grateful for Professionals who do the jobs they do in our lives. Where might we be without them?  I especially appreciate those that are very practiced in their craft and who deliver quality work.  When anyone sees their work, they can truly appreciate them.  One person that comes to mind is the Music Minister at my Home Parish and the Funeral Director in the next town over from where I live. They both are excellent at what they do and it shows.

Finally, I am grateful for favor. Favor that comes from up above. I can see favor evident in my life and I am forever grateful. One little aside, though. I believe that you have to see yourself receiving that favor before you can get it. You have to feel as if you deserve good favor. If you cannot see yourself receiving favor, guess what? It will never come to you.   Believing that you deserve favor is the seed you must plant in order to receive the fruit that God’s favor brings.

Loudly yours,