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My greatest joy is to help others. Sometimes I help bring the joy of music, sometimes with health and diet solutions; most times as a Mom to my 7 kids; sometimes I help by giving others the information they need. Whatever it may be, helping others is a great way for me!

Why we yell Quarantine Edition 1

Well, it took a pandemic to get me back to the blog. That, and my daughter Vianne, who said I should. Then there was the prompt to document was happening during our “shelter in place”. It has been odd. Really odd. Then a lot of it is like Ground Hog day. It’s like you took the part of the day when the kids were all home and played it over and over. There is an underlying sense of fear in place that silently keeps everyone in their place. Kind of. It’s like when one grieves for the passing of a loved one. There is a sense of dread that looms over your head with the knowledge that your loved one is gone from this earth forever. You cry, or grieve in your own way, then life as you knew it peeks from around the corner and you let your guard down, then you remember. You remember that everything the way you knew it is no longer. That is the underlying feeling. Will everything ever be the same again? 

Now, I am not saying that things were perfect before this all began, but it was our crazy sense of normal. We were used to the way things were. We got desensitized to the droning hum that was going on in the background, like an annoying dripping faucet. That annoying sound, just becomes what is. We had our lives to live, we were busy. Running, running, running. Then, it just all stopped.778662._SX1280_QL80_TTD_

Like a crazy cartoon that stops the characters in their tracks, our lives just stopped. One grand pause. A pause that shook us. Then the rush. The rush to get toilet paper, food. Even I found myself wandering in the store, wondering what food my family needed to survive. What do I take with me? Do I have enough money to buy all the food I need? It was a sinking feeling to think that my family might starve. I know it sounds insane at the moment, but there was a gigantic sense of not knowing what to expect. Were the stores going to be open, were we going to be able to get food? I even bought a gigantic bag of flour! (News alert: I am gluten free) I just wanted to know that my kids would be able to eat. Ugh! There were so many unknowns. Would we be able to go out to the store, get more food or the essentials that we have become accustomed to in our everyday lives? Never in my life have I encountered such a thing as gearing up to go to the store and washing my groceries. It is like we are fighting an unseen enemy. We just don’t know which way to turn.

Then- there is so much good that has come out of this “rona pandemic”. The quiet. The kids who constantly fight finally having a glimpse of cooperation, just a bit of peace in the chaos. A realization that we are all in this together. That realization fosters a sense of cooperation like we have never known before. There are so many people coming out with a sense of unity as we truly are in this together. There IS unity in the insanity.

I am a bit of homebug, with a routine that shifts from home to choir to work and then back home again. A lot of my life was already happening remotely, so it was and was not a change for me. I am still home and now I just have a lot of company. I honestly don’t hate it. I do things that I have never done before. There is a heck of a lot less rush and running. I am not sure I will ever want to go back to that, although the reality of it is that we probably will have it back again. My family talks every single day. We pray the rosary as a family every single night. Even my 14 year old sits down daily to pray. I guarantee you that there was none of that even once a MONTH! The unity that these crazy times has produced in our family is just, beautiful.  That unity- I never want to let it go.   I honestly don’t think that it can ever go all the way back to the way it was and that could be a very good thing.

It’s been a while…

Sometimes you just let life get the best of you. It just happens. I can’t really say what exactly what has kept me from the blog, but I can tell you what has brought me back. Recently, my 16 year old star of a daughter found my blog and gave me the biggest compliment on a day that I needed it the most. “You’re a good writer, Mom.” She literally brought me to tears.  Vianne knows a good thing when she sees it. She is like her mother. 🙂

When she gives a compliment, please know that she has an eye and you are being given a gift. I don’t say that in jest. She spots things that are off a mile away. It is a gift, not to be taken lightly. It is not always an easy gift to carry. Others may see you as judgmental, and petty, but not V. She is as happy as the sunrise and as talented as they come.

There is one thing about being judgmental. You judge yourself the harshest. So just like EVERYTHING in life, it comes with a price. So watch out for the people who freely give their opinion. Take it with a grain of salt. They are truly lovers of everything beautiful and many more times than not, they are not looking to harm. (Most of us, anyway-present party included)

Perfection. Something not easily obtained. I know the saying nobody’s perfect, but I have to disagree. I think there are degrees of perfection in each one of us. Perfection is so subjective, anyway. Something that is perfect to one person, is a disaster to another.

I recently watched the documentary on Octomom. It has been 10 years since the only living octuplets were born. It was fascinating to see how well adjusted these kids were. I wanted to reach in and love on them all, but most of all, the mom. Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman is her name and in my book, she is a she-ro of sorts. She took her lemons and made lemonade. She admits that keeping all 8 was selfish and not very forward thinking, but looking at her now, I have to just admire what she has done. As a mom of 7 kids, raising them has not been easy, but I will never regret my big beautiful family! They are truly my heart, even though it may tell them as much as I should.

Each and every one of my kids has my heart.

Gavin is learning the ropes at church as the newest youth minister and we are so proud of his strides. He grows every day and is working toward his associates degree in psychology.

Justin is the master slinger and innovator at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn. He comes up with mastermind promos to get people to gather as a community and is thriving at his craft. We are proud that he is making a difference, too.

Nathan is prepping to enter the Connecticut School of Broadcasting this fall and is working hard, manual labor to create an income to cover the costs of his school and we are proud of his strides, as well. Rachael is taking care of our neighbor’s 1st born child and sitting for other neighbors, while keeping busy creatively with her illustrations. We are proud of her ability to make her own way in life on her own terms.

Vianne is in her sophomore year at the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts at Morris County Vocational School. She continues to hone her craft on stage and off as she considers which direction her career path will take her. She is wonder on the stage, just like her older brothers before her. Her passion soars and when she sings, she takes you on a journey with her. You can close your eyes and just take a ride on the wings of her soul.

Vincent is my precocious teen who has a gigantic heart for his mom. He is full of energy and can struggle to harness it. A joy to his friends and cousins, his presence fills a room with laughter, much to the chagrin of some of his teachers. He has quite the personality and others look to him for the next relief of his comedic hilarity. Another wonder on the stage, but he wants little to do with it, much to my disappointment.  He does not disappoint on the ball field, where most of his acting takes place. He is hilarious and a big hit with the moms and dads on the field. Even though he can be mean spirited to his sister, he is adored on the field by most. I can’t tell you how many times Dan and I are stopped to be told how great Vincent is. It is so satisfying as a parent to know that your kid is loving on other kids and making a difference on the team in so many ways. Home run there, for sure.

Bella is my baby. 11 years old with a determination and drive that are not gifted to many. When she puts her mind to something, the universe moves to her aid. Truly. This has been since birth. Ask me next time you see me. She is determined to do it her way, but she can be frustrated as a kid, since kids don’t always get their way. (Who does?)  She is a talent to behold! Thanks to the guiding hands in her life, she is gifted with opportunities to shine.  Our local town is home to the Mount Tabor Arts Collaborative where Bella first appeared as the Sour Kangaroo, a breakout role of her. She was just amazing. She knocked the socks off her cousins! They were in amazement at her ability to act, dance and sing. It will be very interesting to walk beside her on her path. I will continue to watch her and all of her siblings as they carry out the own missions in life. I will be there alongside my loyal, sweet hubby, to hold their hands as need be as they walk their own path on their own terms.

Loudly yours,



It’s funny this Law of Attraction thing.

I have taken the time to complete a 13 week course on Think and Grow Rich that ended in the Spring. It was long, very thought provoking and nothing short of life changing. I have loved it very much and would recommend it to anyone who wants the MOST out of their life. What-you-FEEL-NOW-IS-what-youre-going-to-ATTACT

One of the assignments that I was given (the hardest one, by the way!) was to make a definite major purpose statement that was to be said 3 times a day with ENTHUSIASM, essentially, creating a “future memory” of what you want to bring into your life. SO, with the help of my mentor Claes, via email, I created said Definite Major Plan. One of the paragraphs is as follows: My immediate family is so excited to go on our all-inclusive, 1 week Disney Cruise on or before April 1, 2016 to the Bahamas on the Disney Dream. We all enjoy the variety of activities with all 7 of our kids including the kid’s clubs, where they can hang out on their own. I truly enjoy my alone time to rejuvenate as well as my alone time with Daniel. We love to make new memories exploring, eating, going to shows and just plain having fun!

Do I have money saved up to go on this trip? Nope. Just going to believe it, say it and envision it with ENTHUSIASM. (You know, the Think System!)  Believe that it will come.

I recently got the schedule for next year for school and just now, checked when Spring Break was next year. Easter Recess? April 1st. (and a little before)

You have got to love it. Better go think about packing my bags. It’s coming. Just watch.

Loudly yours,


ps- Here are some preview pictures!



There IS another way….well just not always the right way

In response to the recent onslaught of Network Marketing hate, I was prompted to dust off the ole blog that I have been negligent of, for a while, to compose this response from the heart.

YES! IT’s TRUE! VOMIT has come from this girl. VOMIT. A not-so-nice word you say? Have you seen the backlash of women (and some men) who have penned their disdain for the actions of those who have chosen a profession that displeases others in ‘oh so many’ ways?

Vomit. Here! I looked up the definition for you!



  1. 1.
    eject matter from the stomach through the mouth.
    “the sickly stench made him want to vomit”
    synonyms: be sick, spew, heave, retch, gag, get sick;

    informalthrow up, puke,purge, hurl, barf, upchuck, ralph
    “he needed to vomit”
    regurgitate, bring up, spew up, cough up, lose;
    informalthrow up, puke, spit up
    “I vomited my breakfast”

spewing of invitations to those who do not want to be invited to a million different “parties” (online or off), as well as the onslaught of pictures, before and after and/or informative on social media; informational throw up.

Let me begin first by introducing myself. My name is Alicia. I am over 40, crawling close to 50. I have seven kids. (NO they are not home schooled!!) I am married for almost 25 years (love ya honey!) and I have been a part of Network Marketing for almost as many years as I have been married.


Why? Do you ask, would I do something for SO long? Why would a college-educated bi-lingual woman want to put herself in a position to “exploit” her friends and family??

FREEDOM. LIBERTY. AUTONOMY! (I’ll get back to that.)

FIRST let me address the vomit. I am a Mom FIRST and foremost (today is the 24th anniversary of me being a MOM!! aka My first son’s birthday! Happy Birthday, honey!) AND I am COMPELLED to clean up a mess when I see it.


No, it is not an acronym. It is just vomit. Let’s get one thing straight (and one thing we CAN agree on) Vomit is messy. It’s not pretty. It smells…but let’s look at the reason for the source of the vomit.


Tux on a donkey by Sam Hewitt

Taught. Just like the lady who, at the holidays, cuts off the end of the ham every time she cooks her holiday meal and does NOT know why, so do thousands and thousands of distributors, consultants and the like, vomit like they do without even really thinking why. It has been taught, rewarded, emulated. Tons of recognition has been given to these people at thousands of meetings. Prizes have been won! Ribbons been given. Certificates handed out, verbal recognition.


IS IT any wonder that a woman, starving for something to call her own, something to be recognized for, would risk crossing the line of friendship boundaries to be given the chance to shine? Sure she would! I can tell you that many of these women and some men, have found a place where they finally feel accepted, finally feel “home”. (self-worth: that will be on another blog entry)

Is it worth the “price”?

While the jury is out on that one, can anyone blame these network marketing participants when there are gurus out there, hungry for money, showing them “the way”?  When they have upline who are money hungry and want their downline to produce at any cost?  Post this, invite as many as you can, follow what I do!  While I am GUILTY of doing some of the very same thing, I have come to realize that there has GOT to be A BETTER way!! Many a mother has taught her children to “mind your manners” and this holds true to this day. We need to get back to basics. Reach out to talk to each other, create honest to goodness dialog to ask first personally, if a person would like to engage with us. ASK permission first. Remember common courtesy. Let’s face it, folks, Network Marketing is here to stay. It is not going anywhere. It is a great way to save yourself a TON of money in tax breaks and to create an income while STILL keeping your friends.  It just has to be done in a way that reaches out, not sucks others in. In this age of women, who lack self worth, is it any wonder that they would sacrifice some of their life that may not be working (whether it be lousy friends, bad relationships, unaccepting family, poor upbringing) for some kind, ANY KIND of success? Yes, it does SUCK for family and friends who might be caught in the middle, but keep in mind where it is coming from and why. It is my goal to change the way that network marketing is looked at. Not in a big way, but little by little, one person at a time. Reaching out to others on their level, considering them first. looking out for THEIR best interest; ADDING VALUE to their day. Gaining their trust. Giving love. One person at a time.

SNOW DAYS!!!!!! Clean days!!

IT was crazy how many people commented on my facebook post last week when we were off from school due to snow/ice. I got such hoot!  Anyway, I got to thinking that, since we will probably have another snow day or two, that the list should be created and saved for the next time we need it. (or to be incorporated into a routine, maybe???  Only time will tell!!  I have included the chart I am using today for your personal use, so feel free to copy it! The template is not mine, but the outline is. SO….if you want to have it for all your own, click on the link below and save it to your computer.


Enjoy the snow day!!  I sure will be a LOT happier knowing that I am having help to get the house clean….and not turning the wifi off for the day!2015-02-09_0943

All the best,




It has been WAY too long!!

It has been WAY too long since I have last written! 


I have been so busy; I have hardly had time to breathe! Even as I write this, I am thinking of many others things that still need to be done, but ah, such is life. We have come home from our yearly visit to the Jersey Shore and the pictures are amazing!  We vacationed near Ocean City, NJ this year again and it has proven to be a good spot for our over-sized family to spend some down time together. 











































If anyone knows me they know that I love the beach, but ONLY in the early am and pm. During the day, I can take it or leave it. NOT a fan of the hot sun or sand or standing at the shoreline watching the kids for hours, roasting in the hot sun. (Although I will do it). I love watching my kids have fun, but 3 hrs is all I can take each sunny day. Then, its a fast retreat to the house to make lunches, or clean or just hang out with whoever is in the house. It is a mixture of relax time with the every day hubbub of every day life. My other very favorite time is later night family time with the family. It is so much fun to spend time with the nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles and the in laws. We have a lot of game time, food and lots of talks. It is the stuff memories are made of. 




Loudly yours,