Hi! My name is Alicia and I am of Italian and Ecuadorian descent….typically known for being loud, hence the name of my blog. Put my Italian and Irish descent hubby and our 7 kids, and what do you get? LOUDER. I live in a little part of town that most describe as something from the Swiss Alps or Martha’s Vineyard. We love living here and everything our crazy little town brings. We are Catholic in a mostly liberal town, but we love the diversity of it all. I have a passion to sing, love my job and plan to be on Broadway one day ( even if it is a tiny, little role)…just want to be there…it’s calling my name, as Kermit THE frog sings….
I love my loud, musical family with loud drums drumming, guitars strumming, piano playing, birds chirping ( we have four birds, too)
Even though sometimes I crave some peace and quiet, I still revel in the noise.
So, here is why we yell….my blog.

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