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It’s been a while…

Sometimes you just let life get the best of you. It just happens. I can’t really say what exactly what has kept me from the blog, but I can tell you what has brought me back. Recently, my 16 year old star of a daughter found my blog and gave me the biggest compliment on a day that I needed it the most. “You’re a good writer, Mom.” She literally brought me to tears.  Vianne knows a good thing when she sees it. She is like her mother. 🙂

When she gives a compliment, please know that she has an eye and you are being given a gift. I don’t say that in jest. She spots things that are off a mile away. It is a gift, not to be taken lightly. It is not always an easy gift to carry. Others may see you as judgmental, and petty, but not V. She is as happy as the sunrise and as talented as they come.

There is one thing about being judgmental. You judge yourself the harshest. So just like EVERYTHING in life, it comes with a price. So watch out for the people who freely give their opinion. Take it with a grain of salt. They are truly lovers of everything beautiful and many more times than not, they are not looking to harm. (Most of us, anyway-present party included)

Perfection. Something not easily obtained. I know the saying nobody’s perfect, but I have to disagree. I think there are degrees of perfection in each one of us. Perfection is so subjective, anyway. Something that is perfect to one person, is a disaster to another.

I recently watched the documentary on Octomom. It has been 10 years since the only living octuplets were born. It was fascinating to see how well adjusted these kids were. I wanted to reach in and love on them all, but most of all, the mom. Nadya Denise Doud-Suleman is her name and in my book, she is a she-ro of sorts. She took her lemons and made lemonade. She admits that keeping all 8 was selfish and not very forward thinking, but looking at her now, I have to just admire what she has done. As a mom of 7 kids, raising them has not been easy, but I will never regret my big beautiful family! They are truly my heart, even though it may tell them as much as I should.

Each and every one of my kids has my heart.

Gavin is learning the ropes at church as the newest youth minister and we are so proud of his strides. He grows every day and is working toward his associates degree in psychology.

Justin is the master slinger and innovator at Gold Sounds in Brooklyn. He comes up with mastermind promos to get people to gather as a community and is thriving at his craft. We are proud that he is making a difference, too.

Nathan is prepping to enter the Connecticut School of Broadcasting this fall and is working hard, manual labor to create an income to cover the costs of his school and we are proud of his strides, as well. Rachael is taking care of our neighbor’s 1st born child and sitting for other neighbors, while keeping busy creatively with her illustrations. We are proud of her ability to make her own way in life on her own terms.

Vianne is in her sophomore year at the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts at Morris County Vocational School. She continues to hone her craft on stage and off as she considers which direction her career path will take her. She is wonder on the stage, just like her older brothers before her. Her passion soars and when she sings, she takes you on a journey with her. You can close your eyes and just take a ride on the wings of her soul.

Vincent is my precocious teen who has a gigantic heart for his mom. He is full of energy and can struggle to harness it. A joy to his friends and cousins, his presence fills a room with laughter, much to the chagrin of some of his teachers. He has quite the personality and others look to him for the next relief of his comedic hilarity. Another wonder on the stage, but he wants little to do with it, much to my disappointment.  He does not disappoint on the ball field, where most of his acting takes place. He is hilarious and a big hit with the moms and dads on the field. Even though he can be mean spirited to his sister, he is adored on the field by most. I can’t tell you how many times Dan and I are stopped to be told how great Vincent is. It is so satisfying as a parent to know that your kid is loving on other kids and making a difference on the team in so many ways. Home run there, for sure.

Bella is my baby. 11 years old with a determination and drive that are not gifted to many. When she puts her mind to something, the universe moves to her aid. Truly. This has been since birth. Ask me next time you see me. She is determined to do it her way, but she can be frustrated as a kid, since kids don’t always get their way. (Who does?)  She is a talent to behold! Thanks to the guiding hands in her life, she is gifted with opportunities to shine.  Our local town is home to the Mount Tabor Arts Collaborative where Bella first appeared as the Sour Kangaroo, a breakout role of her. She was just amazing. She knocked the socks off her cousins! They were in amazement at her ability to act, dance and sing. It will be very interesting to walk beside her on her path. I will continue to watch her and all of her siblings as they carry out the own missions in life. I will be there alongside my loyal, sweet hubby, to hold their hands as need be as they walk their own path on their own terms.

Loudly yours,