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There IS another way….well just not always the right way

In response to the recent onslaught of Network Marketing hate, I was prompted to dust off the ole blog that I have been negligent of, for a while, to compose this response from the heart.

YES! IT’s TRUE! VOMIT has come from this girl. VOMIT. A not-so-nice word you say? Have you seen the backlash of women (and some men) who have penned their disdain for the actions of those who have chosen a profession that displeases others in ‘oh so many’ ways?

Vomit. Here! I looked up the definition for you!



  1. 1.
    eject matter from the stomach through the mouth.
    “the sickly stench made him want to vomit”
    synonyms: be sick, spew, heave, retch, gag, get sick;

    informalthrow up, puke,purge, hurl, barf, upchuck, ralph
    “he needed to vomit”
    regurgitate, bring up, spew up, cough up, lose;
    informalthrow up, puke, spit up
    “I vomited my breakfast”

spewing of invitations to those who do not want to be invited to a million different “parties” (online or off), as well as the onslaught of pictures, before and after and/or informative on social media; informational throw up.

Let me begin first by introducing myself. My name is Alicia. I am over 40, crawling close to 50. I have seven kids. (NO they are not home schooled!!) I am married for almost 25 years (love ya honey!) and I have been a part of Network Marketing for almost as many years as I have been married.


Why? Do you ask, would I do something for SO long? Why would a college-educated bi-lingual woman want to put herself in a position to “exploit” her friends and family??

FREEDOM. LIBERTY. AUTONOMY! (I’ll get back to that.)

FIRST let me address the vomit. I am a Mom FIRST and foremost (today is the 24th anniversary of me being a MOM!! aka My first son’s birthday! Happy Birthday, honey!) AND I am COMPELLED to clean up a mess when I see it.


No, it is not an acronym. It is just vomit. Let’s get one thing straight (and one thing we CAN agree on) Vomit is messy. It’s not pretty. It smells…but let’s look at the reason for the source of the vomit.


Tux on a donkey by Sam Hewitt

Taught. Just like the lady who, at the holidays, cuts off the end of the ham every time she cooks her holiday meal and does NOT know why, so do thousands and thousands of distributors, consultants and the like, vomit like they do without even really thinking why. It has been taught, rewarded, emulated. Tons of recognition has been given to these people at thousands of meetings. Prizes have been won! Ribbons been given. Certificates handed out, verbal recognition.


IS IT any wonder that a woman, starving for something to call her own, something to be recognized for, would risk crossing the line of friendship boundaries to be given the chance to shine? Sure she would! I can tell you that many of these women and some men, have found a place where they finally feel accepted, finally feel “home”. (self-worth: that will be on another blog entry)

Is it worth the “price”?

While the jury is out on that one, can anyone blame these network marketing participants when there are gurus out there, hungry for money, showing them “the way”?  When they have upline who are money hungry and want their downline to produce at any cost?  Post this, invite as many as you can, follow what I do!  While I am GUILTY of doing some of the very same thing, I have come to realize that there has GOT to be A BETTER way!! Many a mother has taught her children to “mind your manners” and this holds true to this day. We need to get back to basics. Reach out to talk to each other, create honest to goodness dialog to ask first personally, if a person would like to engage with us. ASK permission first. Remember common courtesy. Let’s face it, folks, Network Marketing is here to stay. It is not going anywhere. It is a great way to save yourself a TON of money in tax breaks and to create an income while STILL keeping your friends.  It just has to be done in a way that reaches out, not sucks others in. In this age of women, who lack self worth, is it any wonder that they would sacrifice some of their life that may not be working (whether it be lousy friends, bad relationships, unaccepting family, poor upbringing) for some kind, ANY KIND of success? Yes, it does SUCK for family and friends who might be caught in the middle, but keep in mind where it is coming from and why. It is my goal to change the way that network marketing is looked at. Not in a big way, but little by little, one person at a time. Reaching out to others on their level, considering them first. looking out for THEIR best interest; ADDING VALUE to their day. Gaining their trust. Giving love. One person at a time.