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SNOW DAYS!!!!!! Clean days!!

IT was crazy how many people commented on my facebook post last week when we were off from school due to snow/ice. I got such hoot!  Anyway, I got to thinking that, since we will probably have another snow day or two, that the list should be created and saved for the next time we need it. (or to be incorporated into a routine, maybe???  Only time will tell!!  I have included the chart I am using today for your personal use, so feel free to copy it! The template is not mine, but the outline is. SO….if you want to have it for all your own, click on the link below and save it to your computer.


Enjoy the snow day!!  I sure will be a LOT happier knowing that I am having help to get the house clean….and not turning the wifi off for the day!2015-02-09_0943

All the best,