Do you have new thoughts??

I really like to fill my head with as many good things as I can, good music,
good speeches, lots of personal development, too.

I want to be the best person I can be. I believe that what you put in, you get out.
Just like with food, what you feed your brain is
just as important!   My very good
friend, Colleen, (hey lady!) posted this yesterday and I cannot agree more! 
I am SO lucky to
have quality friends, too!

Back to my original question…do you have any new thoughts?  Do thoughts
just come to you or are they inspired?  I know one thing for sure. You cannot
think new thoughts if you are listening to the Chatterbox inside your head.

Silence or meditaion is a must to hear that still, small voice which shares an
unending supply of inspiration…at the least, you must turn off the
chatterbox. Usually, that is found when you reach out to others and
look beyond your own self. I have been inspired countless numbers of
times when I have been with my children. I usually will receieve some
sort of message when I am giving of myself to them. Giving in general
will always yeild some kind of fruit that allows you to be “fed” in one
way or another.  Funnny, another wise friend comes to mind, who posted
this on facebook today.

Right on, friend! You are so correct!!!

As if I did not have my fill today, I won the opportunity to speak with yet another
wise friend, Deb Wilbur, who has a business called. Real Life Spark
Deb is a Professional Intuitive Coach; make sure to check her site out. She is
wealth of information and delivers her message in a kind, effective manner.

Deb suggested to me to use prayer as a means of meditaion to find answers.
ASK the questions.
PRAY the prayer
(The Our Father is known to have a high vibration & allows one to enter a meditative state)
LISTEN for the answer.

Wow. What a perfect resolution to my entry today.  High five!

Loudly yours,






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