Gratitude Journal Day 3

Today my Gratitude Journal includes:

My team of girls who have joined me thus far in my business. They are the greatest bunch of women. They are caring, giving, fun, positive and some of the most happy people, ever. I am ever so blessed to have them on my team!  My prayer is that they all grow personally, spiritually and financially along with me in our journey together! Go Team!


My 2nd entry is for my growing Ortley Beach, NJ team! Little by little, the leaders are popping up, forming a team of women (of course) who are helping others in different ways. Funny thing is, we have never even met it person.  They are dedicated, loving, concerned, forward thinking women! I am proud!! 🙂 Image

My 3rd entry is for the family that has been created in NJ with the larger It Works team. What a great group of women and men they are!  I am proud to be a part of a family that works together for the betterment of all!  We are going far!!


Hooray for teams!!

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