Our Trip to Bushkill Falls, PA Part One

It’s a ride out to PA for about an hour, give or take. Just a relatively short ride to see some of nature’s beauty. We chose this time of the year to go to see the leaves and because October weather is usually so conducive to hiking. Just cold enough to keep you from sweating while you walk, but warm enough that you are not freezing. We tried to make this year’s trip with most of our neighborhood gang, but as life has it at times, it did not work out completely, but we were able to spend the day with one of our neighbor families and it worked out great!  So, the largest family and one of the smallest of Mt Tabor sojourned together to the falls. We arrived around mid day and the sun peeked out from the clouds as soon as we arrived.  We piled out of the car, paid the fare and checked out the trails. We opted for the biggest route and got right to hiking. ImageImageImageWe quickly realized that the boys were not going to keep the pace we were moving, so we made a decision to let them run ahead. It was a good decision. We would have held them back and we would have heard complaints the whole way through. We took out time, stopping to take pictures at will. ImageWe got a lot of good ones!  ImageIt is ironic how serene the woods can be while at the same time have such brute strength in the power of the falls.


Loudly Yours,



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