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Our Trip to Bushkill Falls Part 2

Our trip to Bushkill Falls, Pa continued after the boys decided they wanted to take off on their own.

Letting them go gave us the chance to stop for a while and enjoy the scenery and take lots of pictures with the girls.









Oddly enough, there were not a lot of wildlife at the falls and even the birds were kind of quiet.  I did not want to see any bears, for sure, but a squirrel or deer would have been nice.

The whole trail took us about 2 1/2 hours and about half way through, we got to the bridal falls, the masterpiece of the park.






There were a lot of different kind of waterfalls including brooks and streams….all with their own charm…




 On our walk back from the Bridal Falls, we chose to take the hiker’s path back to the end of the trail. Bad move. My knees were hurting by the time we got the end and were begging for flatter ground! It will be the normal trail for us next time, for sure!


 The last two waterfalls were massive. the power of the water was just incredible, and the sunlight hitting the water was nothing short of magical looking!  What a beautiful end to a beautiful day!




 Over all, the trip was great and worth the $73 price tag for our family of 8. (We are really 9, but were missing our eldest Son.)  We can’t wait to go back again. Hopefully, we will make it in the Spring. 


Loudly Yours,









Our Trip to Bushkill Falls, PA Part One

It’s a ride out to PA for about an hour, give or take. Just a relatively short ride to see some of nature’s beauty. We chose this time of the year to go to see the leaves and because October weather is usually so conducive to hiking. Just cold enough to keep you from sweating while you walk, but warm enough that you are not freezing. We tried to make this year’s trip with most of our neighborhood gang, but as life has it at times, it did not work out completely, but we were able to spend the day with one of our neighbor families and it worked out great!  So, the largest family and one of the smallest of Mt Tabor sojourned together to the falls. We arrived around mid day and the sun peeked out from the clouds as soon as we arrived.  We piled out of the car, paid the fare and checked out the trails. We opted for the biggest route and got right to hiking. ImageImageImageWe quickly realized that the boys were not going to keep the pace we were moving, so we made a decision to let them run ahead. It was a good decision. We would have held them back and we would have heard complaints the whole way through. We took out time, stopping to take pictures at will. ImageWe got a lot of good ones!  ImageIt is ironic how serene the woods can be while at the same time have such brute strength in the power of the falls.


Loudly Yours,


Dinner with a future Billionaire.

Yes, Billionaire…..with a B.


I did.

I made dinner and shortly dated a man who is now a Billionaire. Just made the connection yesterday, about 22 years later.

He was the last man I dated before I married my Husband.

I met him through a close friend I had from the gym.  I was Condo sitting her place and invited him over for dinner. No hanky panky, just dinner and maybe some snuggling. Alright, maybe a little more than that, but nothing rated R, if you get the picture.

I remember I made him Curry Chicken for dinner and took pains to make every ingredient just perfect. I was so excited to make everything look amazing. Candles on the table, table cloth, cloth napkins, lights down really low, dessert made…..just perfection. I knew he had money and I wanted to impress.

The door bell rang, my heart skipped a beat.  I ran to the door and slowed down as not to be out of breath. I answered the door and there he was, with a super smile and dressed casually, and with just the right balance of fashion and comfort. He had on great shoes, too.  I allowed him in and we headed to the kitchen to check on the food and he helped me up on the counter to get something I can’t recall, but I remember we had a chuckle about how I was too short to reach that item I needed. He helped me bring some the food into the dining area and we drank some wine and chatted candidly about things going on in our lives.

We sat at the dinner table and the conversation continued. I was pleased as punch that he liked the dinner and felt like such a success.

The evening continued at the kitchen where he helped me clean up the dishes (which impressed the heck out of me), then when we were done in the kitchen, we headed to the living room to watch a movie on the couch.

I have no idea what we watched and the night ended when he left to go home. I was not the one night stand kind of girl and I was not sure where this relationship was headed. So, I let him go…..and I never saw him again.

I heard from him after that. He called and we spoke….but he was just too busy to ever take my call as he was building his business….and build it he did.

He built it to the tune of 23 Billion (yes billion) dollars. Hmmmm. that is a lot of money.   A LOT of money.

Shortly after I realized that it was not going to work out with Mr. Got Rocks, I started dating my Hubby. I knew He was the man I was going to marry soon after we met, although I did not believe it at first. He did not own his own car, he was still living at home and worked retail. Not the worldly ideal; but what he does have is a Billion Dollar heart and that is what attracted me to him the most.  Do I regret me decision not to pursue Mr. Got Rocks? No. My children are treasures worth more than gold or riches and so is my dear husband.

It is interesting to think of what life might have been if I had kept on Mr. Got Rocks. It would be a super spoiled version of me. Not too sure I would want to be in the room with that.  It might not be too pretty. How knows? Maybe I would. I would like to think that I would have a heart big enough to share with a lot of people in need, with all of his money.  Maybe. Then again, I look to people who had nothing, and made all the difference in the world, like Blessed Mother Theresa.

This morning, when I woke up, I heard a whisper from God, telling me that He has blessed me with treasure beyond measure in my children and that they were more that all the riches in the world.

Yeah…what God said.

Loudly yours.