Bella’s First Day of Kindergarten



Dear Bella,

Today is the first day of Kindergarten.  I just know you are going to do great!  I wanted to write you this letter so you can look back on it and get a glimpse of what it was like on the morning of your first day of Kindergarten.  

I woke you up around 5:30 am to get you ready.  I sat on your bed and reminded you that today was your very first day of Kindergarten!  

 I also tried to wake up your Sisters with a very impromptu version of One Thing (by One Direction…the latest boy band CRAZE) 

It went like this: Get up , get up, get up, get out of your bed, be-cause you have school to-day….Get up , get up, get up, get out of your bed, or you’ll miss the school bus…whoa o-o-o-o-o-, whoa -o-o-o-o-o, but then your Sister, Rachael sat up in bed and yelled at me that I was being annoying, so I had to stop.  She made it hard for me to think of other lyrics with her yelling.  That’s ok, mission accomplished anyway…got you girls up from bed.   

Vincent met you in the hallway and we all went downstairs for breakfast. Justin fell asleep on the couch and got up to tell you good morning and how beautiful you were.  

I gave you a quick bath before breakfast and you used your new princess bath towel that Grandma and Grandpa gave you for your birthday. It is pink with a crown at the top of the hood.  

You got dressed and tried to button your shirt, but it was a little hard, so I helped you.  

 You ate your cereal, a generic Lucky Charms and got your uniform wet with milk. You cried, but it was ok, because I wanted to take it off anyway because it was really too small for you anyway.  We are going to wash that jumper and give it to your friend, Gracie, since she needs a smaller one anyways.  

I made lunch for you all, then Daddy took you to the bus stop after you all brushed your teeth.  

I hope you had a good day at school!  I am sure you will, as Mrs M is a great teacher!


Much Love,


3 thoughts on “Bella’s First Day of Kindergarten

  1. Alicia E.Pastor DePasquale

    That was very nice to write on her first day of school and I’m sure you where relieved to sent everyone to school and be free to do what ever you want!!!


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