Children’s Day unraveled Pt 2

Ok, so the little humidity thing I prayed for, well it didn’t work out so well.  After a looong, cold shower, I finally cooled off and got my decorations out to gussy up the porch the next day.

Friday afternoon, the decorations went up.  We had some new pieces this year and added the mid sized lights from Christmas, Cris-crossed from one end of the porch to the other.. 


As the sun began to set, our family, joined by others, converged to Trinity Park and headed down to the Tabernacle for the Coronation and Children’s Day Show.

First, the King and the Queen get crowned by the previous King and Queen


 Then the show begins!  The numbers range from a group of kids from 3 yrs and up,


 Then there is the crazy, adult dance….



Followed by a number for all the kids…..

This year was Children’s Day all around the world, so it was topped off with the latest version of “We Are The World” with the kids holding flags representing the Countries that represent their nationalities. It was great. 



My kids are missing the flag of Ireland, but the rest are there.  (We only had 2 kids in the show this year, so we could only pick 2 flags)

The evening is followed by the very fun house tour, where we visit the houses that have been entered in the decorating contest.  Many of the kids hang out the back of carefully driven vans, trucks and suvs. It is a very fun night, neighbors visiting neighbors, admiring their handiwork….





 The kids love it! They have so much fun riding in the back of the van!

The night would not be complete without the Coronation Ball, held for all Jr. High and High School Students who live in Mt Tabor and their guests.  (We are not big enough to accommodate everyone in Parsippany!!) There is a DJ, some goodies and dancing for all!

It is great night for everyone.


 Loudly yours,


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