I did it all for LOVE….



….Locks of love, that is!


I finally got my hair cut today.  I have been wanting to cut it so much I was dreaming about it.  Some of my friends thought I was NUTS!!!  Some of them thought it was great.  I just knew it was the right thing to do.  Why?  It was just time to let go.  I had been growing my hair for the last four years and have been waiting for the time to let go.


My Sister gave me, on my 40th Birthday a picture frame filled with pictures of me from a little girl to a grown woman.  I loved that frame and appreciated the beautiful effort. ( I say loved because it was destroyed in the aftermath that sometimes my youngest Son leaves behind)


Anyway, in that frame, I noticed how pretty my hair looked when it was longer.  I had my hair very short at the time and did not have any plans to grow it out.  Having short hair was much too easy, I thought at the time.  Looking at that frame, though, made me think it was time for a change; so I grew my hair.


My hair got so long that I thought it would be nice to donate it, but it had to be the right length.  I did not want my hair to be too short!  I still wanted to put it up in a pony tail for running or working out…


Recently, my hair was in a pony tail and my head began to ache.  My hair was just too heavy. It was time……  Here is a v-log discussion about whether or not to cut it with my Girl from Maine, Juanita Waterman. Check it out:

During the video, I mentioned some reasons why it was important to let go.  I think one of the most important reasons is the freedom that it brings.  When you have something that is pulling you down, you need to let that thing go and it will, in exchange, give you a freedom that you were not allowed to have before.  Take for example, a “friend” in your life that you could do with out.  When you are with that toxic friend, do you feel good about life? No, never. Life is too short to hang onto things that you do not need.  Now, for me, it is physical things that I need to let go of.  I just get over whelmed by the time and how quickly it passes.  I feel that purging will take just too much time.  I have to remember my Fly Lady training where you do something everyday for just 15 minutes and move along to the next thing.  I wish I had more gumption to be more disciplined to do that every day.  Maybe I should write that one down!!   I know! I need to let that feeling go and JUST DO IT!


I did and it feels so good!  Here is the video proof with my Hair Master, Stacey M!!


Here is the before:





And the After:

I had Stacey blow dry it straight, since I won’t take the time to do it myself.  I will go back to my curly look as soon as I wash it again, so it will probably go back to looking like this:



What do you think?  Leave your comments below! 🙂
Loudly yours,



5 thoughts on “I did it all for LOVE….

  1. Joe C.

    Hey Alicia, you look AMAZING! Keep up the great work. Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know I read over your blog. Very impressive. Love the hair. I’ll be sending out a flyer soon for my friends and family to shop at Emiliani if you’re interested in getting some hair products. Stay in touch. Regards, Joe C.


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