Vacation musings in Lavalette

The one thing I cherish most at the beach, besides making memories with my family, is the sunrise walks I take alone in the morning.  It is the most rejuvenating thing I do every day I can when I am on vacation. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I hate sand, but I sure love to look at it and it makes for a great back drop to the sunrise every morning. 

One of my favorite places to go is the Lavalette Boardwalk.  It is just a peaceful oasis for me.  I get to run, it’s flat, the people are so very nice there and the view is just beautiful.

Spending time at the boardwalk allows me to take the time to think, review the past year, create goals, thank God for his Mercy and Blessings, let go of anything useless to my life.  It is a cleansing of sorts, sweat out through running and the heat of the sun on my face. 

This year, I was focusing on one day having a house of my own in Lavalette, when a band of fireflies joined me in my celebration run. It was so cool to have them flying overhead, almost as if in agreeance with me that I did, indeed belong to the community already.  

I know they are hard to see, but they are there if you look closely!

So I went with the idea (sounded good to me) that I did already have a house in Lavalette.  How would I act to those around me? How would it feel?  

It felt free. It felt fun.  How would I act if I lived there?  I would want to make those living there and visiting there feel welcome and want to come back again or stay longer.  So I pretended. It was fun. “Good Morning!” I chanted to anyone who would listen.   Most chimed right in… “morning!”  They would say as we passed going one way.  “Have a great day!” I would recant as they passed me once again.  It was a joy.  At best, it was great practice to be a future resident of Lavalette.  At worst, it made for a happy run. Either way, I came out a winner.

Loudly yours,



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