Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

Today is actually my Birthday, but I did not have time to write about my 1st baby Girl on her Birthday, so I am going to dedicate this blog entry to her.


My eldest Daughter was born to 3 older Brothers who fell in love with her and to parents who were very happy to have a girl. (Especially Mommy)


It was so much fun to dress her up and dream of shopping days and makeup sessions.  She was a good baby, but a screamer, since she did not speak until about 16 months old (in our immediate family, that is late, since we are mostly all loud)  Her first words?


“MINE!!!”  As my family members can attest, this little girl was a screamer! 


Funny thing is, she is on the quiet side now…and, oddly enough,

when she went to Pre-School, she did not speak to any adults, except the beloved Mrs. Burger. 😉



Now she is a growing, talented teenager with a beautiful voice and a very creative, lefty who has the world as her oyster.  We are proud of you!





Happy Birthday, you make us proud!


Loudly yours,




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