Truthful Tuesday. May 15, 2012


I wish I had a plane that I could hop on and fly away for a day. Alone. Just to recharge my batteries.


I don’t. So I day dream about going away to places near and far.


I love my family, but sometimes I just want to go forward, free.



I am a responsible Mother and Wife and running forward, free is not one of those things you can do if you are a good Mother and Wife.  I am sure it would get really old, really fast.  It is just the idea of being free that seems amazing.  I have to think to myself, “what would being free really entail?”  I would be missing out on free kisses, free hugs, free conversations, free love from my kids and husband.  I would miss that. Truly.


I want to be a recording artist who sells recordings.  I want to be on Broadway.



I have a job and 7 kids and one wonderful Husband.  Time away from all of them right now is not much of an option.  The truth is, they need me.  I am the house Secretary, Treasurer, Organizer.  Things would not function well without me and it would be costly to try and replace me. I still record stuff, but it is out there for free and for now, I’ll take the joy of making the recordings, even if it is just on my iPad or Droid Cell Phone. 


I hate rehearsing in front of other people, unless it is my family.  I want people to see the finished product, not the yuck that comes with the stuff on the way to making it sound great. 

I love the bond that I share with those who listen to my song.  If I am singing the song properly, there is a connection between me and my listeners that is broken if sung in a wrong key or if the timing is wrong. 

I love that a song can bring people together to a different place.  I love it when I am singing at Mass and people close their eyes so their ears can hear better.  That means I am doing my job to get the message I am trying to send to them.  That God loves them and that there is hope.  I am fortunate to have the honor of being the one who gets to tell them that message.  Really honored.

And that is just the truth!

Loudly yours,


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