Truthful Tuesday

It is truthful Tuesday and I have to admit, I am reluctant to start this entry, but I will anyway.  I am a believer of decoding dreams and boy, do I have some strange ones!

I recently found a book called Complete Dream Book: Discover What your Dreams Reveal About You and Your Life. by Gillian Holloway.

I LOVE this book.  It is so thorough and no matter how weird your dream is, it can unravel it for you.  You can see a clip about her book HERE.

Gillian says that we should not take our dream literally, but symbolically, and that we should take action from the message the dream gives to us.

40% of the people in the world do not remember their dreams, but thankfully, I am one of the 60%.

Lately, I have been having nonsensical dreams, but through research in her book, it makes a lot of sense.

For instance, I had a dream that someone I know (a male) was mad at me and punched the hood of my car!  I woke up scared and through research, I found out it was about a frustration I was having with a specific task at work.  There were a few specific items in the dream that were significant.  The car was red (passion), the car was on my right side (present day vs the past), the car was parked (stuck feeling), denting the car (my frustration at feeling stuck).

I am happy to have this resource in my library to help figure out what my dreams are trying to tell me!

Loudly yours,





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