Our 3rd Trip to Great Wolf Lodge

This is our 3rd year at the Great Wolf Lodge.  We love it there for many reasons.  One is that we feel safe, we mostly all have fun, and it is sand, bug and sunblock free.





My kids LOVE the beach.  Not just a little, but a whole bunch.  They love it so much that they talk about it all year long.  When they are not at the beach, they are usually talking about it. One of my pet peeves of going to the beach is sand sticking to me, the time it takes to put AND keep the sunblock on and all the planning it takes to get to the beach with the kids.  GWL allows me to have the fun without all the fuss.







This past year, they added a mini bowling alley.  It was a lot of fun.  It did carry a $5 fee per bowler, but it was worth the price.  I wish I had taken pictures there, but my phone died.  That will have to wait for next year.  (I also realized that I missed taking pictures of my 5th child, so I will include one from our other Spring Break location, Jockey Hollow….just to be fair.)


Loudly yours,



 ps- Note to self….bring garbage bags to scoop up all the little stuff laying around

AND remember to go at 9 am to get a row of chairs!!!



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