Primero is the Spanish word for “First”.  Today is the birthday of my Fist-Born Son, Gavin Michael Bozza.  Born in the evening at Morristown Memorial Hospital at 10:52 by my favorite OBGYN, ever. Dr. Judy Banks.

I was so tired of being pregnant, but scared to death of what childbirth was going to be.  I had been in labor for most of the morning after I saw Dr. Banks and she told me to head to the hospital as today was going to be the big day.

So, what did I do? Went home, shaved my legs as best as I could, had my Mom french braid my hair, so it wouldn’t be in the way, and rocked in the rocking chair until Daniel got home.

By the time we got to the hospital, Dr. Judy was perplexed when it took so long for me to show up!  She thought I was going to go straight to the hospital!

I had no intention of going without the Father of the baby!!  Well, after all was resolved, we got ready to have the baby.

About 4 hours, and an hour of pushing, out popped Gavin.  Looked just like his Daddy!  We were so happy he arrived.  We did not know what we were having, but my Mom (who could not wait) found out what he was before he was born…of course my family had a blast teasing me before he came!!

We had a lot of visitors, first of which was my Sister Joanne, who I tried to kick out of the room since I did not know if she was allowed…poor thing.

My parents came and my other Sister, Sallie, whose Birthday it was, too!  For her birthday, I made her the God Mother and gave her her first nephew, ever.  She was in the middle of her 17th birthday party and had to leave it early to come to the hospital.  We were all so excited!

One of the things I missed most was chocolate and I was so glad to have some, since I got nauseous when I ate it.

My good friend, Danielle, made me a whole plate full of brownies, which I devoured (not all of them, of course) and had to pay for it later when poor little Gavin got it all in his breast milk.. Did not sleep a wink that night.  I felt so bad for my roommate, that I dragged the bassinet into the bathroom to try to cover up the noise! Ugh! I was so young back then!  I should have sent him back to the nursery, but I wanted my baby with me so badly, I would not even consider it.  In hindsight, some sleep would have been beneficial.  Ah…20/20 hindsight.

As he grew up, he proved to be quite the intelligent little chap.  He spoke at 10 months old, read at 3, memorized EVERYTHING…especially Disney movies.  We knew he had a special talent and we were right.  My favorite story was the time when he was 3, just a little thing, and we approached the Children’s Librarian and I told her that Gavin could read.  She looked at me with disdain and I said, “Go ahead, pick any book!”  She promptly marched over to the book shelf, picked a book up and handed it to Gavin.  Well, he picked up the book and without hesitation, read the whole thing out loud!  She was so astonished, she took Gavin by the hand and marched him around, showing any co-workers she could find.  That was a proud moment for me as a Mom.  Today, I am a proud Mom of a Missionary, whose Son, uses his talent for the Glory of God, spreading the love of Jesus anywhere they let him.

I can’t believe 21 years has passed so quickly!  Happy Birthday, to my First Born, Gavin Michael Bozza! Love, Mom.

Loudly yours,



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