Truthful Tuesday 4/10/12

“You are my Sport Boy!” I exclaimed to my youngest Son, yesterday on the stairs.  “What’s the big deal?” exclaimed my soon to be 16 yr old Son.  “It is a big deal because your Dad and I are not “sports” and most of you kids are what Dad and I are, “music people”! ”  


I am not a fan of labeling children, but in a household FULL of music, a sports oriented kid is very different for our brood.  Every single day, there is some kind of music performed in our house.  (We even have lovely neighbors who ask when the next “concert” is going to be, as they enjoy the music flowing freely into the street through the boy’s bedroom windows.)


In the past,  we have encouraged the kids to try sports of many different kinds, but for the most part, they played and retreated back to their strong suits; music.  


I must admit, since it is Truthful Tuesday, that I have indulged in excluding the hectic schedules that sports bring by not pushing the kids to pursue sports for many years…..BUT my youngest Son has the energy, the ability and the potential to do well and I am going to encourage him from time to time by calling him my “sport boy”. (Not that I am boxing him in that category, have no fear.  He is my best singer in the Cherubs choir, mind you!)

I know labeling is not the typical way to “mother” but it is just my way of encouraging and making him feel special.  Music is foremost in my house, automatically encouraged and something I can be an example for.  Besides running and kettle bells, there is not much I personally do to be a sport example. (I leave that to my Dad and my Sisters) 


Now that most of my 7 kids are grown, I have the ability to get away to his games and focus on the process of learning and nurturing the sport.  I don’t have to worry as much about several younger kids running around and what to do with them while the game is going on.  I can take the time to learn how the game is played and spend time with my youngest Son.  I am happy to oblige and encourage him in his love of baseball.  


I must admit, in an attempt to even it out, I also have a “sport girl” in the house.  My baby girl.  I will encourage her, too and learn the sport for her as well.  It will be a fun journey for all of us, musics and sports alike.


Loudly yours,







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