One of my fondest memories of childhood…

Different scents evoke different feelings for me.  I was born with a very distinct sense of smell, to the dismay of most of my family members, because the nose usually always knows and rarely anything stinky gets past my nose.  Usually it is my darling hubby who thinks I am insane for smelling something that is not there, but my nose usually wins out.

One of my favorite smells growing up was that of the library.  I loved being with the books.  I loved being with the quiet….there was something just mystical about that place.  All those stories, adventures, sadness, joy.  To be in the midst of all of it was enthralling for me.

There was, though, one thing which held all the fascination of the library, but just one more exciting step up… the Book Mobile.  I. JUST. LOVED. THAT. vehicle!  What was more fun and exciting for a young girl, to be outside of school, in the sunshine, waiting your turn to go on the Book Mobile?

It was so much fun for me to see what was on the bus each time it came.

It had that library smell, but it was on wheels.  I loved it.

The only thing that stunk about it was having to make your selection and get off…but at least you had something new to dive into and become a part of….a new book.

Loudly yours,




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