That is a phrase I hear a lot at home, usually from my youngest Son.  “Ummmm…. Mrs. Go….I mean Mrs…..MOM!”

My Son’s teacher says the same thing happens to her, except it’s “Ummmm….Mom?  I mean Mrs…..”

Very cute.

I find it interesting, this partnership that his Teacher and I share to teach him what he needs to know to get to the next level in his education.

Vincent was asking this morning as he was finishing up his spelling homework, left undone from last night;

“Do you spell “I”  in capitals?  All my itself?”

“Yes”, my husband and I told him and he wrote it down.

One more piece of knowledge added to what he is learning everyday.

I once read a great article about how a parent is like an architect, erecting a building, little by little.

It does not look pretty on its way up, but once it’s done, you could stand back and admire the whole structure.

Sometimes it is hard to appreciate what it will look like when it is finished, it may look odd to some and may take a long time to finish, but if the foundation is set properly, it will stand.

On its own.

We, the parents, together with his teachers, past, present and future, all work together to put that foundation together and continue to help construct his “building”.  Quite a big responsibility….for all of us.

So I was happy this morning, thinking that it was an honor to be a part of his foundation and that maybe I could help his building stand strong one day in the future, knowing that I helped to place a good many of his bricks in the right place.

Loudly yours,



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