Accidental Date at Dawn

Date night, date day….it has been on my mind lately.

Why?  My hubby and I just don’t get enough time alone.

So when I was drawn to the golf course down the street early on St. Patrick morn, I just knew I had to share some alone time with him.

It did not take long to see that I needed to call my hubby and share the beauty of the golf course with him.

I called home and had one of my kids wake him up and give him the phone.

“Get dressed and get down to the golf course!  Come as quickly as you can!”

I wanted him to get down there for fear that the amazing fog would lift before he got there.

It was beautiful.

The fog enveloped the whole place, making it look more like Ireland, than NJ.  It was amazing to be shooting in a mist that was visible to the eye.

It was eerie to listen to the pop of the drips of water as they fell to the pavement as they fell from the trees.

When hubby arrived, the fog was still there.

He got to bring his “real” camera to take some shots.  My pictures were taken with my camera phone on my Samsung Charge.

Here are some of his:

It was nice to spent time together and share a fun photo shoot out.

It reminds me of the old days when we would venture out into the woods

and takes pictures for hours on end.


2 thoughts on “Accidental Date at Dawn

  1. Fresh from my desk...

    Beautiful pictures. Love the moss and the web. Now if only you could make Newark look this good through the lens. LOL!


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