As an owner of a flock of four parakeets, I will sometimes venture outside to find some branches for the birdies to jump on.  It is almost like a new pair of shoes for them.

They freak out when the new branches are introduced, but after a while, they are happily jumping on them and peeling off all the bark.

Since they had eaten a lot of the bark off the first branch I put in the cage, I went in search for more and noticed that my favorite Lilac bush had been damaged from the crazy October snow storm we had last year.

As I approached the bush, I noticed that the other branches had wrapped themselves around the dead branch, not allowing me to remove anything.

It was as if the branches went out and supported those branches that were injured so they could remain together.

Looking at my Lilac Bush showed me a good life lesson.

To wrap ourselves around each other in times of need to support the ones you love and hold each other up.


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