Truthful Tuesday 3/13/12

I know there was a lot of hype about the death of Whitney Houston, but I must be truthful, I just had to do it.  I had to watch the Oprah Winfrey Interview with the Houston Family.  I know I do not know this family personally, but I just wanted to know if Bobbi Kristina was ok and what exactly Oprah was going to find out.  It was a very well done and nothing shocking was revealed, but it was good to see the family did not seem to be angry with Bobby Brown (on the surface anyway).  It was very interesting to listen to the stories of Bobby Kristina and how she strongly feels the presence of her Mother with her always, prodding her to continue on in her life.   It was touching to watch since Oprah felt close enough to her to get emotional in her own interview.   The most touching part of the interview was when Gary, her Brother, sang with his Daughter at the piano. He sang “I look to you”, one of Whitney’s songs.  It sounded different from the way she sang it, and I really liked his “version”, only to later realize that he was singing the descant to the song, his half of the song, that he would sing with Whitney.  He did not finish the whole song, because he broke down before its end, probably all too much for him, knowing she would never be there again to sing her half of the song.  It was very touching.

Loudly yours,



One thought on “Truthful Tuesday 3/13/12

  1. carla

    I watched it too & wiped a few tears. I loved to hear how strong the presence of WH is for her daughter. And I thought the clips of her on stage with her mother were priceless. The love was so evident.

    I think its horribly sad when a child loses a parent to cancer or automobile accident, or anything else. But to lose a mother to drugs (& to watch the train wreck unfolding through the years) has to be even more painful – because its so preventable.

    So sad.

    The brother’s song was … heart wrenching.


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