The Liebster Blog Award!

Thank you so much, to Amy, (my sweet Sister in law) at My Real Life for this awesome award!

I have taken the liberty to “borrow” the explanation of the award from Amy, who got it from the site of Fluff and Feathers.
Liebster is a German word, meaning dearest or beloved, but it can also mean favorite. The idea behind the Liebster Blog Award is that it is given to talented and/or loved bloggers who have less than 200 followers in order to create new connections and to bring attention to these wonderful blogs!

There are some conditions to accepting the award. One is to acknowledge and thank, through a link, the blogger who was kind enough to nominate you and to cut and paste the award onto your own page. Another is to pass the award on to other deserving bloggers.


Consequently, I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers:

Alyssa @ Mooklogy, a blog that is looking to clear the air between readers and movie-goers. In her words: “Mookology is my effort to clear the air between readers and movie-goers. I’ve always been fascinated with the transition of words to images, what works, what doesn’t, and why. This is my call to end the segregation of readers and movie-goers.

Sheryl @ Sheryl’s Pearls, a blog about faith and finding lessons in life. In her words: “As for my ‘pearls’… I think there is a lesson in just about everything, so I take ordinary things and try to find life lessons in them. These are my reflections on anything that fascinates or puzzles me: life, love, faith, dreams, the pursuit of happiness, and whatever else crosses my mind”

Linda @ Free Range Cookies, a blog about baking her many recipes, including gluten free cookies, breads and such combined with her wit and humor. In her words:Baking gluten free breads in St. Louis, MO. Half-baked updates from a dedicated cookievore ツ

Marte and Kristin @ MARTEANDKRISTIN This blog is a content of two girls from Norway, living a busy life as swimmers and teenagers. It is very interesting to read what life is like in the mind of 2 teenage swimmers from Norway, whose first language is not English, but do an amazing job writing and expressing themselves in English.

Last, but not least, you have to take a peek at Claire’s site, The Eternal Magpie. I just love the subtitle, “easily distracted by shiny things…” (I think it is so catchy!) In Clarie’s own words, “Eternal Magpie is where I consolidate all of my favourite things into one place, and talk about them.” (kind of like mine, but sewing and craft oriented)

Take a look at these, they are fun and a great way to look at life!

Loudly yours,



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