Looks are everything?

My friend, Lee is a journalist.  She comes up with some interesting topics, mostly thought provoking.  This last entry of hers, I love!  It is a parody of a fictional beauty product, Fotoshop, Adobé.  You just have to see the video. It is hilarious…..and so very true!  It is such a sad state that women of all ages look up to the fiction that is media. The fake “look” that even the stars cannot keep up with.  I once saw an interview with Jennifer Hudson; she told of how she was disappointed in her first album cover.  Why? It looked nothing like her.  They used the newly touted beauty product, (or one of its rivals) Fotoshop, Adobé.   This is a must see for young girls especially to show them what they are truly seeing in print media. Heck, show the boys, too.  They need to see it, too.

Loudly yours,


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