Segundo.  It is the Spanish word for second.  Today is the birthday of my 2nd Son, Justin Salvatore Vitus Bozza, aka Justin RocknRoll Bozza (his facebook alias). He is my twin physically, but my Dad in personality, almost to a tee. Sometimes the things that come out of his “mout” astound me, he sounds so much like him. Justin carries not only his name, but his way of being. It is so nice to see the relationship the two of them have developed over the years. I have always gotten along great with my Dad, so its no wonder we carry along in the same manner.  It’s not that we never fight; as in all families, there are quarrels, but he has grown up to have a decent love of his Mom. 🙂

When Justin was born, he was the kids who was so quiet, you forgot he was even there.  I think he was one of my easiest infants, which was a relief, as it was stressful for us financially, then add a toddler to the mix and it would be enough for anyone to pull their hair out!!  We were soon to find out how “out of the box” this kid would be.  Things that would work to “encourage” Gavin, my 1st son, to cooperate or behave would hardly ever work with Justin.  One particular instance, I tried to tell Justin that is he did not behave, he would not get any chocolate (that would usually make Gavin stop in his tracks) and he nonchalantly shrugged and said, “that’s ok, I don’t like Chocolate anyway!”  Foiled again.   He certainly loved to force me to be creative as a very young Mom and still challenges me today.  Even though that can be frustrating, his challenges lure me into a different way of seeing life and that is never a bad thing.

Justin has always been slow to move and that started in the womb.  I remember poking at the poor kid in utero, trying to get him to move the required number of times a baby should move in the womb.  Only after a LOT of prodding, did he decide to move on HIS time.  Then, on the day of his birth, (a week before his due date) we were at the hospital for 30 hours, waiting for him to decided if he wanted to come out.  We pushed him out because there was an impending storm and my OBGYN did not want me in the hospital during the ’93 Superstorm  The doctors decided that they should give me an epidural to alleviate the pain and literally, within 10 minutes he came out like a shot. His Daddy almost missed it  because the anesthesiologist made him leave while he was administering the epidural. Finally, at 5:28 pm, on a lazy Saturday afternoon…Justin was born….when he was good and ready.

Today, he is no different.  The same old Justin; and I suppose he will be that way until the day he returns to the heavens above.


Loudly yours,



2 thoughts on “Segundo

  1. kim dennison

    OMG HE WAS BORN DURING THE BLIZZARD OF 93??? Damn, I was stuck on my way down to Daytona for Spring Break at the very same time. I now feel very old. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!!

  2. aliciabozza Post author

    He was pushed out a week early, due to the impending storm. He was a week old baby when the storm hit. THANK GOD we lived next door to my Mom’s and we camped out there since she had a fireplace. We were afraid that the electricity would go out. It never did. 🙂


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