The many faces of Karma

Karma. What comes around goes around, You reap what you sow.

I have been on this earth long enough to realize that all the statements above are true.  Having 7 kids gives life many opportunities to remind me of how I might have mistreated my own parents as a kid.  Take for instance the number one thing that my kids do to irk me.  Forget to ask for permission.  Poke through my things, use things, eat things touch things that are not theirs….just because they are there. The trouble is, I really don’t remember EVER doing that to my parents, for fear that they would hand my head to me!!  I remember rummaging through to play with her little makeup samples in her dresser drawer….and I guess I might have gone down to the pantry and helped myself to some goodies in there….but not to equal the amount of times it had happened to me as a parent!  That is so NOT FAIR that I have to have pay backs, 7 times over!  (Maybe it will count towards Purgatory after I die!!)  Let me give you an example.  For Christmas or my Birthday, I treated myself to a new camera, (which my eldest Son now has, of course) and my youngest Son got a hold of.  Here are the images that resulted from him “borrowing” it:

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