Five question Friday! 3/2/12

BOY!  Am I glad March is here.  February was a very rough month for me and I am so happy to be moving on!!  I had some tough surgery with my wonderful Dentist and am recuperating well. Yea, March!
1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why?
Ah! Jeckyll Island, GA.  Hands down.  Feels like you are in another world when you get there.  It is just beautiful.  It is the former vacation spot for the Goodyear Family and is the spot where JFK Jr. was married, God rest his soul and the soul of his beautiful bride.  It is just a magical place. Quiet, but lots of beautiful land to explore…it is hard to understand if you have not been there yourself. There is just something magical about that place.


2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
Taking naps or baths….with the size of my family, you might not think I would have the time, but making the time is worth the effort!
3. What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Or, in the past?
Big hats.  I just love Audrey Hepburn.  Right now, I really like the furry trend with all the fur, especially since it is winter, (somewhat)  My kind of winter, that is!
4. What are your spring break plans?
Ah!! Great Wolf Lodge.  I just love the Poconos …and love the accommodations at that place and the fun that comes with it!!!  It is the place for me!  I just wish they had more outside fun stuff to do like a resort does.  I would be more likely to stay longer.  We usually stay only one night because you technically get 2 days worth of visit and the cost is up there.  You can see my review of GWL by clicking HERE.
5. What baby names do you hate?
Weird ones, like Seven.  Not a fan for the crazy celeb names, but I will not pain you to name them all.  The last time I questioned a baby name out loud, I got in trouble with someone close to me.  Ugh!
Loudly yours,

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