Truthful Tuesday

I have a strong desire to be a recording artist and sing on Broadway…most anyone who knows that will tell you. I don’t want to be crazy famous enough to have cameras follow me everywhere, but have enough of a following that I could make a good amount of money and not worry about it for the rest of my life. Now that does not mean I would stop working…if you knew me, you would know that too. I love to work….I usually have a job a love with a passion and although I do love my family to pieces, work comes a quick second after them. That is up for debate by some of my family members, but, oh well. Maybe another post subject.

I am, though realistic, that perhaps, God has different plans for me and that my current position of singing every Sunday at a precious little Church in the woods and Funerals as well as at Weddings is what I am destined to do for the rest of my life. Perhaps…..

Anyway, I do relish my children’s musical abilities. Are they virtuosos? No. Musical genius’? Perhaps. Only time will tell on that one. They all have a strong enough desire, that most of them have taught themselves how to play their instruments of choice and some are working on theirs. Some have help from school, others not, but either way, it is enough to have the house always filled with music (with help from my flock of parakeets!)

For instance, here is an idea of the passion imbued in them:

Write a letter to your favorite musician. Explain to that musician what you enjoy about his or her music.

Dear Adele,

You are my favorite singer of all; sometimes I cannot stop listening to your music! It is meaningful and heartwarming. It talks about normal life situations and how to get over them. Some of my favorite songs are “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone like you” and “Set Fire to the Rain”. They talk about love and breakups which I like to sing about. I am a very good singer myself, and would like to follow in your footsteps and write hit songs. Your songs are fun to sing or hum to when they come on the radio. I also like the mashup of the songs “Someone like you” and “Rumor has it”, which you both wrote. Two of your amazing songs combined make this one even more amazing! Your music inspires me and if I ever met you in person I might just faint. Keep up the good work, write more songs, and become the most famous singer in the whole entire world! I hope one day I’ll be famous just like you.

One of your biggest fans,

Rachael Bozza

I have it in my right mind to send it off the Adele and hope that she answers. It would tickle my Daughter pink…as well as her Mom.

Loudly yours,



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