My Favorite President

Of the English Family Descent of De Wessyngton

The eldest of 7 children

Father died when he was only 11

Homeschooled until 11 yrs old

Sought after as a leader since his playground days

A man’s man, relating to Aristocracy to the common man






Was appointed Adjudant- General at the age of 19 by his Brother Lawrence

Was stricken with small pox, scarring his face for life

Have you guessed yet?

If you said George Washington, you would be right! Why George? I like George the best because he was a way above average person who seemed to have it all and get it all done. That is the type of person who I choose to emulate because he chose to live his life above and beyond people’s expectations and, despite the hardships in his life. He married, and although never had any kids of his own, fostered his wife’s children and their children’s children. Apparently, the small pox made him sterile, which was sad, since there is evidence to indicate he wanted his own children. He was a landowner of over 6500 acres, who planted tobacco but then added flour milling, fishing, horse breeding, spinning, weaving and later on, whiskey production.

He managed his affairs well, but declined to care for himself enough to live past 67. The story goes that he went out on horseback into the dark, cold, wet, night while it was hailing, snowing and freezing rain was falling. He spent the day inspecting his land. When he got home, he never changed out of his wet clothes, and got hoarse as the day went on. He awoke at 3 am to let his wife know he was ill. They tried to “bleed” him to help the illness pass, but to no avail. He died that very day of the illness he contracted from that final ride. His last words written in his diary, “Tis well.”

He was a great man and my favorite President.

Loudly yours,



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