By visualizing my desired outcome, the perfect action is always inspired.  Esther Hicks.

I really like this quote since it reminds me that whatever I set my mind to,  I can expect to come to life.  It may not come about exactly when I want it, but it usually appears at the right time. It also reminds me to keep my eyes away from thoughts that lead to unnecessary stress about what might come about (that usually never even ends up happening)

For instance, this morning, at Mass, I was the lead adult vocal in our Children’s Church Choir arrangement of “This Little Light of Mine.”  No big deal, right? Ummmm, I am almost embarrassed to say that it made me very nervous.  Why would a little song like that make me worry?  It was because I had to improvise the song and I was not sure how I was going to juggle the little Children Choir I lead (3-6 yr olds) and sing at the same time.  They are an adorable crew of kiddos, but if you are not standing there, leading them to sing louder, with movement and animation, they…kind…of…just…stand there…looking at the congregation.  So it made me kind of nervous until my wonderful Choir Director said it was fine for me to sing my verse, hop down to lead the kids and hop back up on the 4th verse to lead the whole group again.  It turned out to be fine and a lot of fun to do!  I wish they would have recorded it, but I don’t think they did.  I also had to improvise and since there was no written music and no set way to sing it, that left it too open for my personal comfort.  Hoping to get some inspiration, I sat and watched all four hours of the Whitney Houston Funeral and it was just the inspiration I needed.  ( I even put my white suit on at play the part of Gospel singer…just like the Baptist Choir  Ladies who wore white at the funeral.)  I think it worked. 🙂

Loudly yours,



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