Subculture life

A friend of mine in my neighborhood has created a magazine of a very different kind. Here is their mission:
Our Mission:
Stories of survival and freedom.
No judgment.

HYCIDE explores the roles we
create for ourselves and those
created for us, challenging the
status quo while bearing witness
to the feared, neglected
and misunderstood.

It is not the kind of magazine you will ever see in my house, and it is very far removed from the life I choose to live, yet, it is very intriguing to see and I have to give my neighbor credit for being brave enough to be such an integral part of something that gives a voice to those others usually try to sweep under the rug.

Last night was the launch party of HYCIDE’s third print edition since launching in May of 2011 and I decided, since I was not working, to go.  I was not sure what I would find at their art gallery in Newark, but I was pleased to find an eclectic group of….people…all kinds of people.  Some over the top, but for the most part, cleanly dressed, intelligent, vibrant people. It was loud, a little raunchy, but a lot of fun especially since there were about 10 of us from the neighborhood who all came to represent.

One really fun thing at the launch was the fire eating lady!

Two of my friends ate FIRE!!!

I was not brave enough to eat fire, but it was sure fun watching them do it!

I was glad I took the time to attend the event.

Loudly yours,



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