Gluten Free is the new way for me….

Ahhh….it feels so good to be well again…  after a crazy bout with some monster stomach virus, I thought I might never be well again.  I might still be having sleepless nights if I did not make the decision to quit my old friend, gluten.  Yes, my beloved comfort food ingredient in most of my favorite things to eat.  Anthony’s Semolina Bread, bagels, most cereals, most anything crunchy I love….

Thankfully, in today’s day and age, Gluten Free is the way to be, for many a folk, making it a whole lot easier to shop and to find recipes.

One does not have to look far to find such places.  Take for instance the blog below:

Free Range Cookies is a place where you could buy gluten-free items and where they freely share recipes that work for them.  It’s a nice reference if you are considering trying the gluten free lifestyle.

I have been doing pretty well, eating a lot of salads, eggs, mozzarella cheese, organic beef cooked up with peppers, onions and garlic, brown rice wraps, brown rice bread, chex cereal and some gluten free power bars. I think I could do this! Hey! I actually slept for 6 hours in a row last night….something I have not done in about 3 weeks!  So, for now, I will stick to my gluten free diet and see what it brings.  So far, I like the results!

Loudly yours,




3 thoughts on “Gluten Free is the new way for me….

  1. frugalfeeding

    They look absolutely amazing. You might be interested in my flourless chocolate cake and flourless brownies :). I don’t think I could ever go gluten free, but sometimes it’s best avoided.

  2. abozza

    I find that my diabetic diet winds up including a lot of gluten free foods. There are so many more choices out there than there used to be. Good luck with your new way of eating!


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