Beginnings and endings….


Recently, on of my dearest friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I had the pleasure of meeting her this past Saturday. What a joy to hold a precious, new creation of God. She was one of the tiniest creations I have ever held and yet there was a feeling of the greatness of her soul that I could not help but notice. A feeling that she was something really special. Just a feeling. Her hand was so tiny and her lips, this little, perfect, rose shape.  I even got to hang out with her very proud big Sisters, who are very excited she has been born.

As I was cuddling this little love bug (and loving every minute of it),  loved ones of Whitney Houston were coming to the realization that someone very special was leaving them. A seemingly troubled celebrity with the voice of an angel was leaving earth and returning to her creator, who has always loved her. My greatest prayer is that she is at peace and in the arms of Jesus, feeling the love she always seemed to be looking for.  May Jesus have mercy on her soul.  Yes, Whitney, Jesus does love you.

Loudly yours,



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